Watch Your A**: Ja Rule Kicks Off Two Year Prison Bid Today

- By Bossip Staff

As of this morning, Ja Rule will become a two-year guest of the New York State Department of Correctional Services.

As planned, Rule will report to Rikers Island today to begin the mandatory jail sentence he agreed to when he pleaded guilty to gun possession charges back in December. The charges came from a 2007 arrest during which NYPD officers, from the same precinct that popped Weezy on the same day, found an un-licensed 40-cal handgun in his car.

Luckily for Rule, he probably won’t be spending a whole lot of time at Rikers. He’ll be transferred to a facility in Upstate New York soon.

But that doesn’t mean he won’t be making a career comeback.

Back in March, an NY judge gave Ruleski eight months to finish his album “Pain Is Love 2” and that’s exactly what he did. The album’s first single “Real Life Fantasy,” for which he’s already shot a video, will be out next month. Rule also shot two more videos to support the album, which will be out this summer.

As Rule told us last month, he’s not afraid of serving his time. In fact he has plans: to get his teeny tiny frame “Hollywood ready,” get his GED and prepare for his “40 Days & 40 Nights” world tour. In two years.

One thing Ja Rule isn’t this morning is scared… which may have to do with the fact that he really thinks he’s heading to protective custody and not gen pop today.

We hope that’s the case, Rule. And that you remember Martin Lawrence’s advice from “You So Crazy.”

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  • Amber

    he acts like a THUG. Endorses THUGISIM, and is generally a bad influence regardless of how much money he’s earned.

  • It's Me

    Keep ya head up playa, you’ll be fine.

  • goin deeper

    Fck the haters/followers…I still bump the “336” album.”Ohhhh Lord, can we getta break?”

  • kea

    He’s now getting his GED.Kind of sad!

    • As an Observer...

      It’s actually sad that you would say that – you should be saying: “good for him” for deciding to get it instead of lambasting him for it – wow –

    • Merlin The Mack

      Why should he be congratulated for only deciding to get his GED cuz he now has time on his hands? He shoulda got it when he was in school or even while he was having success. He had time then too. And I bet he still doesn’t get his GED while he”s in there. He’s more concerned about making his album that nobody wants to hear than getting an education.


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  • Christielove1468

    G.E.D? I thought that JaRule already graduated from High School years ago? I bet that 50 is going to roast him awful. Anyway,I wish JaRule well .

  • so what?

    I read somewhere that he grew up in a middle c l a s s neighbourhood. If that’s true he should’ve known better. His small self will not last in there with those hungry men.

    • As an Observer...

      It doesn’t matter where you grow up – anyone can get “caught out there” – sit down.

  • nicca_please

    Someone should send him a care package of preparation H.

    • As an Observer...

      …and someone should send you some common sense.

  • 50 Cent


  • tg

    Keep ya head up – RULE. Hope it goes by quick for you.

  • tommykimon

    Keep ya head up and oh don’t drop the soap.

  • bizz

    I wonder if anyone in his camp encouraged him to get his GED before. He’s just now getting it? Damn. I doubt that 50 will say anything since he already made his sh*t-talking money. He has to diversify his act at this point. Lol

  • so what?

    @As-Of course it matters where you grew up. What business did he have getting involved with guns. He had the guidance that most ghetto children don’t have. He is just a wanna be thug and we’ll see how bad he is when he’s fighting off the men.

  • kerry (winn dixie is a real place)

    Sad to hear about any brother or sister going to jail.

  • RazeKane

    When he finish’s that 2 year stint, he’s gonna have to answer to Uncle Sam for the tax evasion thing, that shoulds add a couple more years to his sentence…bwoy I’ll tell ya Mo’Money Mo’Problems.

  • ms.brilly

    I wish him luck. I always liked his music and he really did have some serious hits.

    I don’t know much about his background but it seems he hasn’t had it easy. Even if someone is raised in the suburbs it doesn’t mean their life is golden. Children can have all sorts of issues and can act out in different ways regardless of where they were raised. I hope he gets his GED and betters himself as much as possible while he’s incarcerated.

  • RealLadyK

    Another idiot who is successful, but needs to conviction and jail time. Free people do not act like this.

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