When The Tabloid Checks Stop Coming In: People Magazine Uneasy About Paying Kim Kardashian $1 Million For Engagement Exclusive

- By Bossip Staff


People magazine is paying Kim Kardashian more than $1 million for exclusive coverage of her engagement and wedding, sources told Page Six — but now the mag’s editors are concerned that the public fascination over the curvy beauty may be waning. Kim’s surprise engagement to NBA star Kris Humphries graced the cover of People last month, with the mag touting “the incredible proposal — and the 20.5 carat ring.” The weekly paid her $300,000 and has now made a second deal for coverage of the reality star’s wedding for just over $1 million.

But some magazine staffers are concerned their investment won’t be recouped, according to sources. The $1 million deal was reached after OK! magazine put in an offer of nearly double that but backed out. No official date for the big day has yet been set. “People’s Kim engagement cover sold well, but did not as well as they hoped,” said a source. “Over a million copies were sold, which is good but not their best. And when you spend that much on a cover story, you expect it to sell.”
A Kim-watcher added, “Some worry they’re now stuck with a big bill for the wedding.” A different source said, “Some editors think the cheating scandal and the over-the-top ring and wedding could be a turn-off.”


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  • guest

    Where is the picture of Taylor Humphries Kris’ cousin that was with them last night? Taylor is tall, lightskin with green eyes. Taylor has a short fade.

  • 7lady

    Honestly I have not been keeping up with this at all. I tapped on just now because of the title…which I totally agree that she’s kinda fading. Now if she was marrying a full fledge brotha I would probably be yanking my neck at her trying to see what’s going. I still love how she dresses though.

  • StuckInDaMatrix

    It amazes me how much play Kim gets on these Black blogs! Do you realize she made her empire of Blacks? specifically Black men? Damn it seems Malcolm X was right about Black people damn shame.

  • http://trapjuice.com/2011/06/12/kim-kardashian-gets-paid-1-million-for-people-magazine-exclusive-one-word-wow/ KIM KARDASHIAN gets paid 1 million for people magazine exclusive one word wow « Trapjuice.com

    […] People magazine is paying Kim Kardashian more than $1 million for exclusive coverage of her engagement and wedding, sources told Page Six […]

  • Vida B.

    Personally, I agree. Kim and her “story” is not worth $1 million. Her 15 minutes of fame is almost up and this girl and her family get too much damn attention anyway.

  • Nathan

    Another website suggests that Ms. Kardashian purchased this so called engagement ring herself while supposedly engaged to Reggie Bush. They presented side by side photographs and it indeed apears to be the same ring. I think this bogus engagement is just that, bogus. It seems to be nothing more than a stunt for press and ratings. Kris Jenner needs to give the cash cow a break and let her daughter live a life.

  • Guest

    Taylor Humphries & his girlfriend Tamar were w/ them @ Roxbury also and she’s the one with the green eyes…

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