Darkness Everybody!!! OchoCinco And Plaxico Test Out Their BroMance In Miami

- By Bossip Staff

If you’re a football player, the new thing to do seems to be working out with OchoCinco in Miami.

And Plaxico Burress jumped on the trend very early. Here he is last week with Ocho, Antonio Brown of the Steelers and Frank Gore of the 49Ers getting all super ebony in that Florida sun as they practice.

Ladies, if Ocho wasn’t so “in love” he reps wifey and her “clothing line” during workouts, which one would you hit?

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  • ni

    Neither they all ugly!

  • nini

    Neither they all ugly! Ewwww yuck!

  • Nana

    Yeah I see Ocho advertising Evelyn’s T Shirt!

  • Janay

    Umm None. They’re not my cup of tea. And chads wack for wearing that shirt lol

  • gracious

    You guys are ridiculous. Shame on you for this title. I’m never coming to this site again! I couldn’t believe this title.


    Darkness? WTF is wrong with being dark? Here yall go again with that bull sh!t! It’s sick and very self serving to proclaim to be a celebrity website targeting African Americans while making racist, derogatory comments such as the headline above.


    WTF? I had to take a break from this site due to its race baiting, self hating articles along with the ridiculous trolls and I see nothing has changed. Boy you sure are pushing your agenda real hard: HATE!

    Good luck with that! I’m going to try and find a more intellectual site for African Americans. Hopefully there is one out there.

  • Steelcitychick

    Mmmmmm!…I love me some dark chocolate men….but these cats…not so much!

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