We Don’t Believe You, You Need More People! Rap Albums We’re Starting To Believe May Never Come Out

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Rappers make promises all the time, hyping their new projects that are going to shake up the world. But often these albums never see the light of day. Unfortunately, these 10 promised albums seem to have become myths instead of actual projects.

Outkast’s New Album – It’s been eight years since their last album (no, Idlewild doesn’t count). Though Big Boi has been promising a new Kast project for years, Dre has been mum about it, so we are just left to assume that he’s busy being calf-deep in exotic pudaninny. But Hip-Hop needs you!

Detox – Dr. Dre has been promising his new album for literally a decade. A decade! All we’ve gotten is sh*tty singles and horrible collaborations. Yeah, maybe he should wait 10 more years if his songs are going to sound like that.

Jay Electronica’s Album – Remember Jay Electronica? He’s Erykah Badu’s baby daddy and he was supposed to be Hip-Hop’s savior. But he’s only put out maybe five songs since 2009 and no album is in sight. It was good while it lasted, though.

Jay-Z, Beanie Sigel and Scarface’s Album – Three of the best lyricists in the game were supposed to come together like the three musketeers and change the game. But Sigel went to jail and came out like a crazy person, dissing Jigga like he didn’t have any sense. Jay is off making albums with Kanye now. Toodles.

Child Rebel Soldiers – Kanye, Lupe and Pharrell. The three of them were supposed to be the greatest hipsters in the world and make an all-time hipster classic. Instead, they’ve just put out a couple of tracks but they’re too busy and famous to link up now.

Lil Mama’s “Album” – Wait…is that a blinged out pacifier? For a grown-a$$ woman? Sorry, we got distracted. She has been defending her hiatus but swears a comeback is on the way. Right. Maybe she’ll get Jay-Z and Alicia Keys on the single.

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    The Hot Boys Reunion Album – It seems like only the Hot Boys that don’t have anything going on in their careers are the ones promising this return album. Weezy hasn’t mentioned it and he’s the one with the power, so it probably won’t happen.

    DMX’s Double Album – There was a time he was going to drop a double album where one was classic DMX Hip-Hop and the other would be a gospel album. Unless they have a studio in jail, then he’s fresh out of luck? Oh, he’s out? Well, we’re sure he’ll NEVER go back in.

    Ja Rule Pre-Jail Album – Well, he’s in jail so the ship has sailed on that. And now that he’ll be in the clink for a few years, we may not hear any new music for quite a bit. And Hip-Hop mourns.

    Lil Boosie Music…Ever – Like Ja, years keep getting added to his sentences and he won’t be spelling his name on songs for a loooong time.

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