Twitter Files: Ol’ Lumphead Eric Williams Doesn’t Think He Was Wrong For Throwing A Drink In Jen’s Face

- By Bossip Staff

If Eric Williams was a female in real life, we probably would have thought nothing of his throwing a drink in his ex Jennifer‘s face in the preview for next week’s episode of Basketball Wives.

After all, that’s their favorite fight move. It happens at least every other episode.

But Eric Williams is a man. And even know we don’t know exactly what prompted all that, we can all agree that that was a itchbay move. All except for Eric. He’s okay with his actions. And he has all kinds of mysoginy, homophobia and blasphemy to back those actions up.

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  • Lala

    O my…… words

  • janeblaz

    she is going to get a niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice divorce settlement.

  • just me

    Jennifer has NOTHING to feel bad about….this moment is much more shameful for him than for her. If anything, I give her a standing ovation for dropping that loser, and not a moment to soon or too late. She can sit back and relax, the world now knows exactly who that ‘man’ is. Congrats Jennifer!

  • CutieReppinNY

    Eric is a lumpy head loser.

  • Curious

    Don’t past judgements until you see the new episode next week….but as human beings, we can’t don’t that…lol

  • kenmasters

    He has a great sense of humor. Casting out demons, wow! That’s a good one.

    • TS

      LOLOLO!!!! He is funny as Hell

  • JNez

    damn. that’s disturbing.

  • KGDC

    Interesting. Woman ask to be treated as equals. Well… a B-move a woman would do to a man and iChicks would applaude the woman if she did was in return done to her. As a matter of fact, had she done it to HIM, she would be lauded. :/

    Not saying he was right, but I find it a bit funny (hypocritical) that he’s being called out in a way that is almost commonplace as an aggressive move towards men?

    Either way, he was wrong… but I ain’t in an uproar.

  • pill

    he is a loserr but the tweets were kinda funny

  • John doe

    I agree with “knots” on1 thing, it’s too many bish azz n:ggas on twitter. They tweet what the ladies want to hear to appeal to the females.. That sh:t is lame AF!!

  • yallcantbeserious

    UH ok so let me see if i can fathom this….CB should be left alone for bashing his chicks face in, we should forgive him bc he paid his debt to society (what a joke)but this dude throws one stinking drink at a chick (which) we dont know the circumstance yet, and he’s the devil. yall cmtfu silly rabbits

    • G.M. dare he do that without first dropping a hit album, what the fucc was he thinking splashing water on a woman before bustin out some fancy dance moves smh…women are hypocrites and dumb as fucc cuz they still wonder why men dont respect them, view/consider them as equals or listen to 95% of the sh1t they say when most of it is insignificant, irrational illogical comments fueled by emotion & hypocritical double standards

  • LadyLb

    Jennifer should have went HAM on this ninja turtle and threw that bottle right at the lump on his superdome. I bet after he that he would have gotten his mind right!

  • Sandra

    I dont care much for Jennifer but he shouldnt have done that…. He’s not 16 yo!

  • G.M.

    as long as the abuse against men by women is viewed as okay, justifiable and accepted in this country, clapped & applauded for on tv shows (e.g. Jerry Springer), encouraged and not taken seriously, i’ll rarely feel sorry for women that find themselves on the same recieving end of what they laugh & applaud women doing to others…its either all bad or none of it is.

    • Renee

      I agree about violence being a double standard when it comes to a female physically abusing a male. It’s all wrong. Men in my book are the head, the protector, and “the LOGICAL ONES” …Right?

      So with that being said…why was Eric so emotional? Respect goes a long way. Both party’s in this situation had no respect for their marriage or themselves.

    • G.M.

      being logical doesn’t mean u lack emotions & just cuz us men can put aside/bury our emotions, doesn’t mean we dont have emotions…Eric wasn’t “so emotional” becuz he wasn’t crying like a woman or displaying any forms of feminine emotions…that was AGGRESSION, the most common emotion men possess becuz of our testosterone…which is also why u dont want a man in touch with his feelings as a woman is becuz then u have a person with a mans strength & emotional frailty of a woman which is a bad & dangerous combination.

  • 2Real

    @ G.M. if we’re all of that then u must be gay then huh?

    • G.M.

      no…cuz a womans stupidity, lack of logical thoughts & having barely anything intelligent to say has nothing to do with stickin my d1ck in their mouths & vaginas…but i would love to hear how ur thought process brought u to the conclusion that a man stating how violence against men by the hands of women or women complaining about double standards that isn’t in their favor makes a man gay & how the not condoning violence correlates to sexuality…i mean by ur logic, any woman who complains about abuse at the hands of a man or sayin men aint sh1t must be a d1ke/lezbo…please share with us all how ur female intelligence works cuz i have a pretty good feeling ur gonna prove my point lol XD

  • Luv2sail

    This is another black man women should add to their “DNDL (DO NOT DATE LIST)… This guy CLEARLY has issues with women, not just Jen.
    It is quite obvious, the lump on his empty head has triggered his feminine side, because only a ‘woman’ would ‘throw’ (not ‘through’ u idiot, E.Williams)…LoL…. a drink in another womans face.
    Clearly, this is a black man the White/Asian/Mexican men:-) & women can have. BTW: No homo buuuut…. He has ‘PLENTY’ of gay tendicies anyways, so be glad he is moving on with his life….

  • kenmasters

    Funny shit, you females are taking this thing really serious. How pathetic!
    This is all rehearsed and staged.

  • thrillticket

    Eric has some serious issues and needs crazy therapy. He can’t deal with the reality of Jen really leaving his whorin’ gorilla azz and he can’t believe what’s in the mirror and the fact that he is a “has-been” and no body wants him. Reality has hit him hard! His only choice is to be with a man cause he hates women. He hates all pretty women and he calls all nice looking guys gay because he hate himself and hates how ugly he is.

  • shut the fu*ck up

    it’s called sweat you baffoon

  • Fee

    When I saw that I was disgusted. He is truly a waste of life! Uggghh!

  • Soul Touch

    She saw green…that’s all it takes for some.

    That said, I don’t think he’s that unattractive. Sure, he has a knot on his head, but I certainly don’t think he’s ugly.

    Don’t know much about his personality, but it’s not like these women are any better.

  • Jamie


  • inessa

    she saw money in him!!!Like all the wanna be ladies who are in this show!!She should thank God that he saw something in her and actually married her!She would have been nothing!!

  • Daisy Jay

    BAD. MOVE. That’s more of a punk move than actually putting your hands on a woman! What could she have possibly done to provoke that?! He must be the ultimate b!tch because silly females who are too scared to lay hands on another female resort to throwing drinks. I have NEVER seen or heard of a MAN throwing a drink in a woman’s face. What a show B.W. must be…

  • Skoopes

    Can’t wait for the episode. Eric is funny as hell.

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