Rihanna’s Former “Love God” Is Back To Blowing Her Backs Out

- By Bossip Staff

Remember dude that had Rihanna open and bent over at the Kadooment festival the other day??? Well, apparently he’s her former lover:

Rihanna has apparently rekindled her relationship with her first boyfriend Negus Sealy after the pair were seen dancing together at a festival back in Barbados. The 23-year-old singer is said to have become inseparable from her first love Sealy, nicknamed the ‘Love God’ by local ladies, since arriving back in her home country 12 days ago.

The pair first dated back in 2006, before Rihanna made her name in the music industry, and are said to have given things another go in 2009 when the Rated R singer was rebounding from her violet relationship with Chris Brown.

A source told The Sun: ‘Negus has hardly left her side. He was her first true love. The ladies here all love him – they call him the Love God. ‘They’ve hooked up in the past when she’s been back in Barbados but now things have progressed into a proper relationship again.’

Rihanna and Sealy were photographed dirty dancing together at a festival to celebrate Kadooment Day earlier this week. A partygoer told the newspaper: ‘They were all over each other and their dancing got very hot and heavy.’



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  • Matix Double Negative B

    That’s her island man…she been with him all the while, my girl saw them at a party together in Barbados last year and said she never left his side the whole time. GOO RIhanna, don’t let these people dictate your life.

  • Sticky-n-Sweet

    If she hated Chris’ cheating, she would be rell mad wit Negus, he is KNOWN in Bim and Trinidad!

  • Tia.

    well they say there’s no love like your first love…

  • briana

    is his pants busted open??????????

    • Tony

      Good eye!!!



    • cohen549

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  • Janay

    Must be a drought in Barbados

  • Tee

    They both hoes

    • SMH


  • Cici & Coco -The Besties

    Lol trust west indian men r addictive. I find bajan men a lil annoyin tho. I will always be a trini luhva!! My man is trini & they r super sexiiiii. I loveeee their patois!

    • YupISaidIt

      Dirty Azz Beasts thats what you island people are. You and your patois. Go spread AIDS somewhere else

  • Daisy Jay

    Her “violet” relationship with Chris Brown? Lol……..

    • Master Shake

      Exactly! Have a hard time taking any “report”seriously,when the writer cannot S-P-E-L-L!

  • Soul Touch


  • wendy

    she looks trashy, “yuck” i guess anyman can hit that….

  • jayluv

    well, hey things happen.

  • jayluv


  • gina

    PRETTY Rhi please stop! You are going to want a career after that. Your not awhite female

  • janine

    yall some haters on here

    • Fake

      They’re American What’s new? Hate is in their blood.

    • s

      no one hates more than sandrarose and her commentators

  • corah

    steupzz !!!


    @YupISaidIt your life must be pretty sad and tormented!AIDS was invented for AFRICAN AMERICANS and GAYS. FACTY! Unlike all the reports you see on the news with reference to even Africa if you can read and understand try getting a hold of the UN REPORT black americans are dying of aids and other diseases more than any or race and or nationality combined! you have been dismissed

  • nonono

    tHE question that not enough people are asking is why is this chick with a African mom and an Indian dad so damn pale?..She looks like an albino , but she’s not an albino…

    And no , I dont have nothing against light skinned people or albinos…Im just asking a question…Her mom is really dark..Her dad is an East Indian (people of color)…Did she do a Sammy Sosa?

    • Matix Double Negative B

      Her dad is a light skin Bajan….but sure carry on….

    • BumperellaJ

      Hav u seen pics of rhi rhi dad?… he is extremely light skinned. I even mistook him for being white so I guess that is where she gets her colour from. Google him.. And neways who cares bout complexion. Light, brown or chocolate we all black.

    • ch

      Thank you @kimaras30.
      It’s totally ignorant for people to comment on a culture about which they know nothing.
      Carnival has the same energy in Barbados/Trinidad/Brazil and Rihanna is a part of that energy.
      All kinds of people relax,wine up and wuk up and go back to business as usual the next day.
      This is a picture of two,goodlooking young people having fun together.Good for them!
      All the negative people here need to get a life and stop hating people who have one.

  • Asia

    love rihanna!

    Why did they change the
    settings back to this crap. I like the other version better

    • 657

      Thanks for your comment…I thought I was loosing it for a min…I prefer the old settings as well.

    • Tony

      Their last version was a bootleg copy, you know how they do!

  • Miss_Bliss

    this the 5th article from this one pic

  • BladeRunner


  • Matix Double Negative B

    Once again her dad is not East Indian he is a light Skin Black man with hazel green eyes…I’m just as light as Rihanna and there is only so much colour I can get. Have a nice day.

  • nonono


    I need to see pics of her before they drafted her into the Industry…

    I remember her as being brown skinned.

    • Matix Double Negative B

      Well here’s the thing….light skin people like myself change skin colour from time to time…when I was a child I was a lot darker than I am now, i can’t explain it but I know for a fact that it does happen.

  • Lauriel

    Rihanna is not with this dude. He is DARK SKINNED. If you fools knew anything about Caribbean ppl is that they hate dark skin. Even though they are dark they only want to produce light skinned children.

  • Mamamia

    I would have to agree to a degree I mean I am light skin or high yellow but I get darker in the sun even. Black in all shades is beautiful nontheless.

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