You Can’t Be Serious… Pauly D From Jersey Shore Is Joining G-Unit???

- By Bossip Staff

It is officially time to vote Bugsy off the Hip-Hop island.

To let “DJ” Pauly D tell it, he is just days/weeks/months away from inking becoming the latest tax write-off artist repping that G-G-G-G-G-G-Unit.

The reality TV star is not only the opening act for Britney Spears’s Femme Fatale tour alongside Nicki Minaj, his pending three-album deal with 50 Cent’s G-Unit powerhouse, which will also allegedly include the release of a Pauly D-branded headphones, should be finalized very soon, the disc jockey tells XXL.

“I would say the end of the year,” Pauly says about when the deal will be sealed.

When asked how he and 50 first came together, Pauly says, “50 cent has also been somebody I look up to. We ended up linking up and we just clicked. We hit it off immediately with the music and everything like that. So, I’m definitely gonna be working with him. There’s been talks about the album and the headphones. I’m looking forward to working with that as well.”

Pauly D also has a spin-off show scheduled to premiere soon on MTV, which will chronicle his DJing career.

We can’t even process that one…


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  • King Beef

    I heard this month?s ago on mediafakeout. 50 is on some other chit.

  • Word up

    Okay and? Who cares the man cant be any worse than the trash that is alrwady out there. Most italians rep hard anyway.

  • Alire

    Pauly D is cool and the only one on Jersey Shore that isn’t a moron. 50 know a money maker when he sees one. If he won’t put out his own music, pimp others.

  • Asia

    I actually like Pauly D.

  • loc

    @king beef it annoys me that you always use a question mark instead of an apostrophe !!

  • King Beef

    My bad loc, didn?t mean to offend you, but really that?s a little petty.

  • loc

    why dont use apostophres?

  • 0704'11

    TtThAtT iiS S0 TtRuEe HhEs LiiKkEe TtHhEe 0nLyY 0NeE tThHaTt D0EeSnTt CaUsEe DrAmA 0R NuN 0F tThHaTt ShHiiEeTt 0N JeErSeEyY sHh0rEe, EeVeErYyB0DyY eELSeE aReE c0mPLEeTeEe iiDii0tTs WeELL BeEsiiDeEs ‘EeM && Jw0wW.

  • 0704'11

    && ViiNnYy.

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