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These cakes should have a 401k they been workin’ for so long!

On the set of her new music video for “Papi” (yes, she’s still an “artist”) American Idol judge, nouveau-divorcee, and cakes impresario Jennifer Lopez donned some super-skin-tight leather pants that are sure to bring her legendary st-@$$-tus to a new level!

Peep the following pages for some more looks at the cheeks that Marc Anthony won’t be enjoying anymore.

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    • team nymphis

      “that marc Anthony won’t be enjoyin anymore”
      I doubt he’s missing that.I don’t care how bangin a female is…after you’ve splashed it like 5-6 times it gets boring.after you’ve done all the positions and licked all the edible parts it don’t matter what she looks like. it’s on to the next!

    • Cici & Coco -The Besties

      Yeah.. Most guys without a heart thinks that way.

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