Baby Mama Drama: Meeka Claxton’s Husband Speedy Claxton Is A Deadbeat Dad???

- By Bossip Staff

Word on the street is Meeka Claxton’s F-listed hubby Speedy has a kid out there who has absolutely nothing to do with.

All because of Meeka.


When Speedy Claxton met Meeka, he was dating a girl named Jasmine O’Neal. A very beautiful, college educated girl. Jasmine ended up pregnant and Speedy’s response was to get rid of the baby or he would refuse to be a part of her or the child’s life. Needless to say, Jasmine chose her child, while Speedy chose Meeka. Jasmine and Speedy’s daughter is pushing 10 now, and though he is not in her life, AT ALL, he does pay the Porsche Panamera Jasmine is driving. She is currently engaged to a football player, but Speedy needs to be put on blast for not being in his daughters life. It’s weird and wrong.

Hmmm… do you think Meeka knew before now?

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  • GimmeMore

    Haa!! Tami dug in that azz last night, talking about “nobody knew who your man was until u mentioned him!” There it is Meeka! Go pop a bottle to that w your big mouth self! Karma is a BIOTCH and it always, ALWAYS comes back…

  • sensual

    Meeka hatters, tammi no man, sizzie no man, shaunni no man your compannion divorce money shame, shame. So what baby. Mama drama.

  • Jesse

    Someone do soccer wives please!!!

    Real dime pieces.

    These broads are bent pennies.
    No if, an’s, or but’s.

  • Wow!

    @sensual…What’s a meeka “hatter”? Who the hell is “Sizzie”? LMAO!!! Einstein!

  • Lisa

    Hey it happens like that sometimes. The woman has all the power. If he is paying that’s all he is REQUIRED to do. Sounds harsh but if someone tell you straight up they will not be involved then you make the decision to be a single parent, and by the way wheter we knew of him or not he was a player and she is. The only wife other than week A** Jennifer who is now getting a divorce. Shaunie is a fake b*<. Jen is a follower. Evelyn is a manly looking skank and I don't care for Royce too much but at least she is not a follower, she is an independant thinker and I like that. Susie is a tragedy with that terrible mouth.

  • how bout dat

    truth told ain’t nobody know who none of these chicago was before the show..shawnie ain’t make news untill she tricked shaw money on another man while still married..speedy was known all over nyc before he was a pro baller. so in plain english shawnie break through is being a cheating Ho-wife…

  • Mr. N Word

    SOCCER WIVES. EPIC. Jesse you are a genius. I have never seen an episode of Basketball Wives but I would definitely tune into Soccer Wives. On mute.

  • me, myself, and I

    and this bish talking about she poppin bottles, yeah right. I read an article just yesterday where both she and Speedy said she shops endlessly, but their daughter is the one who tells him she’s been shopping again. She hides the bags in the trunk of the car, which he always find.
    If you ballin and poppin bottles, why you hiding bags from ya husband? I make my own money, so I don’t hide a da*# thing, just walk right on in the house.
    She’s pretending like fake ppl do.

  • YeezyTaughtMe

    SOCCER WIVES is a grrreat idea!!! Now there is a pot of gold!

  • me, myself, and I

    All children need BOTH of their parents.
    If this story is true, both Meeka and her husband need their azz kicked. Meeka for not insisting he be a man and be a part of his dauughter’s life. Speedy for being an azzhole and treating his daughter like that. Every dog has its day. He will have a few. That little girl may be the child he needs when he gets old.

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