Yeah, We Said It: Bossip Counts Down The 10 Worst Rappers In The Game Right Now

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The rap game is pretty crazy these days. People are saying that it’s full of clowns ruining it.

We’re not sure about that, but we are sure about the 10 worst rappers in the game. Here they are!

10. Mack Maine – He’s the CEO of Young Money, so he’s busy handling business. But that doesn’t excuse the nonsense he tries to spit when he’s with Weezy. And that annoying “Mack Maiiiiinneeee” makes our ears bleed.

9. Tony Yayo – G-g-g-Unit! There’s a black sheep in every family. And the G-Unit family’s black a$$ sheep is Mr. Yayo and his horrible raps. He probably just got on for his ability to make 50 Cent sound dope by comparison. Not that it matters, but isn’t he like 53 years old or something, too?

8. Plies – Algernod has a book’s worth of WAK A$$ lyrics. First of all, he raps about calling a grown a$$ woman “wet-wet”. He sounds like he’s chewing on fawking marbles when he talks. Good thing he’s sort of fallen off the map in the last couple of years.

7. Birdman – Quick…name the last dope Birdman line you remember being dope. Don’t worry, we’ll wait. How do people still ask him to be featured on their songs? We just don’t get it. If Lil Wayne writes his lyrics then how in the monkey fawk do they turn out so insanely boring and terrible? Riddle us that.

6. Gucci Mane – Sigh. Yeah, Gucci can crank out hits, but his lyrics leave a little to be desired. He sounds like some drunk a$$ Sesame Street character. Oh what, that ice cream cone on your face was supposed to make us forget? Nope.

5. Soulja Boy – He’s still a kid, so we can excuse his elementary raps. But dude, “Pretty Boy Swag” isn’t exactly Nas or Jay-Z. This little fool can’t rap his way out of a paper bag with a hole in it. “Ayooooo” doesn’t count, either.

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    4. Lil B – Anyone with the lyrics “hoes on my d*** cuz I look like Jesus” isn’t going to be considered a great lyricist by any stretch of the imagination. Dude just stands around and screams curse words about his d***. Booo that man!

    3. OJ Da Juiceman – We’re not going to talk about how he looks like Gollem from Lord Of The Rings. That would be mean. But we will say he sounds like the most inbred rapper in the game. WTF is he ever talking about? Whipping up yola? Huh? #stopit5

    2. Waka Flocka Flame – Waka Flocka Waka Waka Waka FLAAAAAAMEEEEE!!!!! Fozzy Wozzy just grunts and screams through every fawking song. Listening to him will make you lose brain cells. It’s been a proven fact. Save yourselves!

    1. Kreayshawn – You knew this was coming. Less than a year in the game and she’s already cemented herself as the worst “rapper” in the game. By far. Just go away already, pretty please. We asked nicely!

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