Gloria Govan Says Malaysia And Laura Were Both Wrong For Catching Fade On “Basketball Wives”

- By Bossip Staff

Gloria Govan posted a recap of the first episode of “Basketball Wives: L.A.” and despite acting like she was gonna kick Malaysia’s a$$ for messing with her sister, she actually admits both women were at fault.

Gloria recapped the whole thing on her Vh1 blog. Here’s what she had to say:

My move to LA has so far been nothing but fun. After spending a year in Miami, it’s so nice to be home, close to my family and real friends.

Meeting new people is never easy. Jackie, Imani, Laura and I have a few years under our belt. Kimsha and I just spent a year together on the same team, but I’m still the only person she knows. Malaysia and Draya are definitely the “freshmen” on the team. these new girls are not getting off to a good start. Malaysia is hard to pinpoint. I understand defending where you come from, but it’s okay if someone has another opinion about it. Sitting at Pink Taco, if the conversation wasn’t about her and her jewelry line for kids, she completely shut off. I think at one point she even feel asleep. Lol. Tip for Malaysia: Rolling your eyes and turning up your lips isn’t going to get you very far with these girls.

Pure comedy! Why did somebody write in our comments that Malaysia got her teeth fixed mid-episode. Why???

For more of Gloria’s thoughts, continue…

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  • #ponder

    Laura started that whole thing, she was disrespectful. Kimsha was very standoff-ish toward Malaysia, for no reason. She was going overboard on Cali folks and I’m not even from there. There was nothing wrong with her stating her opinion, but she didn’t have to drill it in. Just my thoughts.

  • Westside cutie!!!!

    Cosign @#ponder…. I from and live in L.A and Kimsha was pissin’ me off talkin’ about everybody was stuck up out here! I was like that is not true! Lol! I was like obviously she haven’t really been anywhere, because we’re very down to earth! But Kinsha to me is just a negative person, she still have that “I’m from the projects” attitude! She was acting funny in the shoe store with Malaysia! I was like what’s wrong with her, she definitely has a chip on her shoulder! Eventhough I like all the girls so far…. with the exception of Kimsha, Laura was wrong for coming at Malaysia like that, but it was okay cause that” Compton” came out of Malaysia and she showed Laura what time it was! Lol!

  • Dvah from 305

    I agree with you both…i didn’t like how kimsha was being a biaatch with malaysia it was un called for and side note gloria is straight up wack for saying she automatically TEXTED malaysia…girl please if you were on that it didn’t take that long to Call and say the same thing you texted I mean seems a little puss to me and the folks in miami in other words Gloria is a keyboard gangsta…back to my comment…i like this show so far I just hope that it didn’t get as hood as Miami….ugh

  • Tameshia

    Laura Govan has low self esteme to have 4 kids by a man that isn’t committed to you & obviously has absolutly NO plans to wife you! Get off of your back & try using your brain.


    Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Im from Compon born and raised and Kimsha’s opinion didnt bother me. Thats her opinion i may not like New York who cares.
    Malaysia is a wannabe and nothing to be jealous of. Her husband is a second string with a extremely small contract. Whereas Kimshas husband has always had a huge contract and is a Champion. Shes jeslous because?

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