Were You Watching: Was Imani Out Of Line Calling Draya “Worthless” On Basketball Wives L.A.?

- By Bossip Staff

This week’s “Angry Birds” aka Basketball Wives L.A. featured Laura Govan and Malaysia Pargo apologize for their trifling behavior fighting in a restaurant on the first episode. However not everyone was apologetic in the second episode — namely Draya who defended her days working the pole as no big deal after Imani questioned her morals. “Yeah, I showed my boobs for money — whoopty do” she added that maybe Imani’s boobs weren’t as nice as hers and that’s why she wasn’t comfortable showing them. The topic came up again in a session with a life coach (after the girls decide Draya needs to be rescued from her immoral lifestyle) after a game where each woman was asked to use an adjective to describe their peers, when Draya’s adjectives are read they are mostly negative — Sneaky, Combative, Animated and Worthless… the game’s supposed to be anonymous but Jackie quickly owns up to her adjective and the others follow suit leaving Imani to admit she called Draya worthless for reasons she doesn’t want to go into in this forum.

The last scene of the show is the girls showing up for Draya’s party — and she isn’t very nice.

In the preview for next week’s episode we see Imani and Draya have a sit down where Draya defends the stories about her son’s neglect by saying he’s never been taken away from her. At this point we’ve all heard the story of Draya leaving her son home alone to heat up microwave meals — so between that and her unapologetic attitude about her stripper past — is she really worthless? Or is this something only time will tell?

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  • nikkislim

    This chick was way out of line for saying someone is worthless. Maybe she feels worthless because she was engaged to someone for nine years and he didn’t wife her up. She should be on BBW Miami, she and Evelyn have a lot in common.

  • http://www.youtube.com/Artistic1210 SexxyRed_Diva

    I honestly think that Imani has a vendetta against Draya because she is jealous of the things Draya has attained. She is too old to be so judgemental and evil towards her. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, however no one knows the truth about Draya’s life, but her. If she wanted to strip to maintain her appearance then so be it. She had to look the part for these men to actually be where she is now. Sad, but true. That is the country we live in.

  • mymy

    Draya must have either known someone who slept with imani’s man or she did because she was on her last night and I doubt its because she’s a stripper. She might be a groupie and bad mom but nobody deserves to be called worthless. That is just wrong and imani was being too judgmental. Drsya just has a lot of growing to do but she’ll learn but to call someone worthless that was a low blow. I wanna know why was engaged for so long and never became a wife. We know what Draya is about how about Imani tell us who she is. And is it me or does she look like Claire huxtable with those bad wigs.

  • Tori

    Totally out of line, period.

  • http://angeltolbert30@gmail.com Tell the truth shame the devil

    Imani said that Draya have no morales & disagree with her life style but had kids out of wedlock! Where we’re her morales when she popped out illegitimate kids

  • dots

    @mymy I was waiting on someone to say she look like Claire Huxtable I told my friend & she just didn’t get it lol but something about imani I don’t care for since day one cause she was the first with something to say you judge Draya because of her past and what she heard but everytime she do a confessional she talking bout somebody like who are you

  • Nechelle

    I think Imani and Draya have either crossed paths before or maybe she was referring to Draya’s child neglect issues. B’c the reports say that her 7 yr. old son called 911 at 2:00am saying he was home by hisself since getting out of school around 3pm. I have a niece that age and I can’t imagine her coming home from school with no one home then having to basically take care of herself (dinner, doing homework, taking a bath, and getting ready for bed) with no supervision at all. The report also said this was an ongoing thing and Draya didn’t find out until 8 the next morning that her son had been taken, so IF all this is true and that’s what Imani was referring to I can understand her calling Draya worthless in that moment, but that situation is more sad than anything.

  • elle

    Yeah the comment was below the line but I think we will see why next week, I did see the story about draya neglecting her child, that’s prob what imani Is refering too. Draya seems fine but I think she has A LOT of skeletons in her closet

  • worthless is right!

    Calling her worthless was on point! How can you leave your child at home, on numerous occasions, so you can chase celebrities! That’s what’s wrong with you females today and why men don’t respect you at all. You think its okay to not have any morals. Her son did not ask to be born. Take care of your kids….she is worthless!!!! Young girls and women need to stop praising and congratulating hoe type behavior. You need to applaud the females who are going to college, working jobs. Its easy to take your clothes off for money.

  • Nicole

    Actually, it’s not easy taking your clothes off for money. No one had room to judge anyone else.

  • ChicaChe

    She was way out of line.. Imani is full of hate and insecure, she need a gym membership and counseling


    Nobody is worthless, maybe shes lost and trying to find her way but to say someone is worthless is totally outta line and disrespectful. Imani needs to check herself and find out why she’s exiting such a negative attitude!

  • deedee

    First and foremost I would like to say I’m so happy the Govan sisters got checked. Laura got popped in the mouth and Gloria got called out for her e-mail thuggery. Maybe now they’ll stop actin’ hard and admit that the reason they’re so worried about girls like Draya is because they used to BE girls like Draya. Y’all both hooked up with pro basketball players? By coincidence? Save that isht. As far as imani’s comment-she’s got a real fat,greasy throat. I think she’s hatin’. She said she wouldn’t want Draya around her man but, ummmm…she doesn’t actually have a man? Hatin’.

  • deedee

    First and foremost I would like to say I’m so happy the Govan sisters got checked. Laura got popped in the mouth and Gloria got called out for her e-mail thuggery. Maybe now they’ll stop actin’ hard and admit that the reason they’re so worried about girls like Draya is because they used to BE girls like Draya. Y’all both hooked up with pro basketball players? By coincidence? Save that isht. As far as imani’s comment-first offn she’s got a real fat,greasy throat and I think she’s hatin’. She said she wouldn’t want Draya around her man but, ummmm…she doesn’t actually have a man? Hatin’.

  • http://Trashpale@gmail.com Jesse

    Fame found before love found.
    Seems like a curse kinda.
    Once you get there who can u trust?
    Friggin almost no one.
    Country full of scumbags.

  • homicidalbrainiac

    Love deedee’s comment! Lol

  • Mrs.Bell

    Worthless is a bit hard, no human is worthless. Irresponsible, careless, immature, all of these would have been good!!! I do feel as though the rest of the girls r afraid of Draya bc they know what THAT kind of girl will do if given the opportunity so making her feel “worthless” is their way of getting @ her. Me? I wouldd go down like this:
    Me: listen Draya, I don’t know u but I do some things about u. I want to give u the benefit of doubt as far as what kind of person u really are. BUT I will tell u this, if I ever even hear that u tried something w my man in the past, present or future, I asure u that I will burn your pretty face off so that it will never happen again. Got it? Now, let’s order some drinks n show me some stripper moves :)!!!

  • letta

    What a cowardly think Imani did. Don’t hide how u feel n a box. Be a woman and ride behide how u feel

  • Mrz. Jonez

    I appreciate deedee and Mrs. Bell’s comments. Imani is just mad because her fiancé of NINE years literally left her at the alter and eventually married a stripper! Lol! Poor thing as old as she is still doesn’t understand that it’s up to your man to be respectful and resist temptation. Just Bitter! Smh

  • Nikki

    Calling someone worthless is completely out of line what is Imani worthy? Of being someones fiance for almost a decade…despite Draya’s situation Imani has no room to be so harsh and judgemental and has some growing to do…Imani is hella boring too lol

  • #1 Bottom B*tch

    I can’t believe Imani old saggy tittz having @ss had the nerve 2 call anybody worthless! Whatever issues that Draya had in her past are her burdens 2 carry! Nobody’s perfect! I don’t approve of a child being abandoned but just because a tabloid says it happened doesn’t make it the truth! Imani should have been a “G” about the sh*t and asked Draya instead of prejudging! She was using the tabloid story as an excuse 2 hate Draya! Any fool can see that the other old, washed-up “Basketball Hoes” are jealous!

  • ms kaye love

    How can anyone on here say Imani was right. God, himself wouldn’t ever allow one of his own to be worthless. Do any of you know here or her past. Just cause u read a sneaky gossip website that MAY or MAY NOT(mostly not) get facts right, doesn’t mean you know her. @iguess and @worthlessisright, did y’all go to bed wit Draya and wake up wit next to her since birth????

    These women on both basketball wives have issues. Most are all past groupies/jumpoffs who are now wives/fiances/girlfriends but mostly exes, who worry because they did the same shyt as her. THEY USE TO BE HER…. and only one person on either show didn’t have a child before they married their baller and that was Jen. So how can any judge Draya or Royce.

  • http://n/a Fly Gurl

    We are all made in the image and likeness of God and He doesn’t make wortless children. What she may have done and who she is as a child of God are 2 different things. Imani is just plain jealous. Draya is the cutest of all the girls and appears to be the realist. What you see is what you get!

  • Jessica

    Of course Imani’s comment was out of line! And what makes it worse it that she didn’t even cop to it until Draya called her out. “She’s the type of girl who ruins relationships.” yeah, no. Men who cheat are the type who ruin relationships. I guess Imani got her personal vedetta with Draya because of her past experience with girls like Draya. But whatever happened with Imani and her man had nothing to do with Draya, so calling her worthless was totally uncalled for

  • Who to judge

    No one has the right to call anyone worthless….none of yal or them chicks is perfect! salty chicks always wanna talk about someone past. The girl made mistakes and thats her and the Lord’s business. No one can judge….Imani is hiding something and that girl draya is close to her tea. That’s why her behind been salty since day one. At the sounds of it Imani had to turn some tricks her damn self. She lay down for money too! She ain’t gonna seat there and say she loved dude for him…child plz. keep 100% u r a fired gold digger…yal believe if yal want “she solo”..,,(((cut ur shit))). Just a peformonce for Vh1

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