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This week’s “Angry Birds” aka Basketball Wives L.A. featured Laura Govan and Malaysia Pargo apologize for their trifling behavior fighting in a restaurant on the first episode. However not everyone was apologetic in the second episode — namely Draya who defended her days working the pole as no big deal after Imani questioned her morals. “Yeah, I showed my boobs for money — whoopty do” she added that maybe Imani’s boobs weren’t as nice as hers and that’s why she wasn’t comfortable showing them. The topic came up again in a session with a life coach (after the girls decide Draya needs to be rescued from her immoral lifestyle) after a game where each woman was asked to use an adjective to describe their peers, when Draya’s adjectives are read they are mostly negative — Sneaky, Combative, Animated and Worthless… the game’s supposed to be anonymous but Jackie quickly owns up to her adjective and the others follow suit leaving Imani to admit she called Draya worthless for reasons she doesn’t want to go into in this forum.

The last scene of the show is the girls showing up for Draya’s party — and she isn’t very nice.

In the preview for next week’s episode we see Imani and Draya have a sit down where Draya defends the stories about her son’s neglect by saying he’s never been taken away from her. At this point we’ve all heard the story of Draya leaving her son home alone to heat up microwave meals — so between that and her unapologetic attitude about her stripper past — is she really worthless? Or is this something only time will tell?



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