Cleve Bryant, University Of Texas Assistant Football Coach Fired For Sexual Harassment, Was Dubbed “Old Freak Nasty” By Female Staffers!!!

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Mack Brown, before taping his coach’s show today, was asked by the Longhorn Network for his reaction. Brown had no comment.

Before her graduation, Arena had been a member of the Texas Angels and Gabriels, student body members who acted as hostesses (Angels) and hosts (Gabriels) when high school recruits visited campus. Texas hired Arena after her graduation as an administrative assistant in the football department, where day-to-day operations were supervised by Bryant.

The Texas investigator’s report to school president Powers states that “Mr. Bryant suggests that Ms. Arena contrived her story because she had been denied an $11,000 raise … This investigator does not believe that Ms. Arena was denied a raise for other than legitimate business reasons, but also does not believe that she invented these incidents over a two-year period.”

Regarding Bryant, the report said: “As a result of … inconsistencies between Mr. Bryant’s testimony and objective facts and the testimony of many witnesses, this investigator does not find Mr. Bryant credible.”

Arena told investigators her problem with Bryant began shortly after she was hired in 2008. She said comments from Bryant started with texts, which soon went from benign to sexually charged.

“It progressed to more personal questions and at all hours, including weekends,” said Arena. “He would ask me when I was going out, where I was going, and what I was wearing. He would ask me if I went home with anyone and about my sex life.”

She told investigator Linda Millstone, the associate vice president for institutional equity, that in April 2009, she showed some of Bryant’s texts to her mother, who urged her to tell Bryant to stop. Taking her mother’s advice, Arena said she texted Bryant, “This is inappropriate. You’re my boss.”

School officials, however, noted that Arena still texted Bryant after this time, sometimes after standard business hours. Arena and her attorneys said she only texted Bryant on UT football matters — and UT football is not an 8-to-5 job.

Bryant and Brown have been friends and colleagues for years. From 1995 to 1997, Bryant coached under Brown at North Carolina. When Brown moved to Texas in 1998, he brought Bryant with him as the associate athletic director for football operations. They worked so closely together that Bryant was characterized in a New York Times article as Brown’s “buffer, confidant and mind reader.” The piece ended with the Brown quote: “I’ve said many times if Cleve leaves, I’m leaving, too.”

In the documents, Arena said she communicated with Brown in a letter and in person about her request for a raise. But there are no references to her telling Brown that Bryant had been making unwanted sexual advances toward her. “I was upset,” she said, “but I couldn’t bring myself to tell him [Brown] what had happened.”

Arena filed her formal complaint of sexual assault and sexual harassment with the university’s Office of Institutional Equity in October 2010, shortly after taking a leave of absence. On that same day, the university learned that Gloria Allred, a prominent Los Angeles attorney, was representing Arena.

Allred said Arena’s complaint with the university has since been settled, declining to say for how much. She added that Arena is not pursuing a criminal complaint but would not say the reason why. Arena, who declined to be interviewed, no longer works at the university.

Bwahahahahahaha @ “Old Freak Nasty”

Damn Cleve, was you gettin’ it in like that for real? Sounds like something had to be going on cuz ol’ Gloria got the Longhorns to come off them stacks. Wonder how lil Rachel got for being subject to perverted text messages. At least he didn’t send her any photos a la Brett Favre.

But then again, who knows, they say the University still hasn’t released the full file on this case. SMH.



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