Kelly Osbourne Opens Up About Having To Tell Her Parents Her Boyfriend Cheated With A Transgender Woman Awaiting Reassignment Surgery

Kelly Osbourne Says Telling Her Parents Her Fiance Cheated With A Transgender Woman Was “Humiliating”

- By Bossip Staff

Poor thang! Kelly Osbourne recently opened up about the transgender cheating scandal that broke up her year and a half long relationship with model Luke Worrall. It turns out she had quite the “Oh Boy” moment when she had to tell her parents her man was cheating with a woman who was born Reynaldo Gonzalez:

The 27-year-old told Glamour Magazine: ‘Having to tell them my fiance had cheated on me with a tranny who sold his/her story to the press [was the most uncomfortable moment]. It was so humiliating.

She added to the magazine: ‘Everyone kept telling me that Luke was cheating on me, but I never believed them. It’s hard enough to get your head around someone cheating on you, but when someone is a chick with a d**k?

Up until then, I’d always thought that the worst way to get cheated on would be with an ugly girl. Don’t you think? Because at least if they cheat on you with a gorgeous girl it makes some kind of sense. But men are different, I guess, they can have emotionless sex.’

Dayuuuuuuum… Right?

Earlier this year Schneider spoke out about the affair saying that Worrall definitely knew about her boy parts:

“He knew instantaneously… He was definitely not turned off by it at any point. In fact, he was turned on. He made it very obvious.”

Elle also said that Kelly befriended her after learning of the affair.

Here’s a photo of Elle Schneider — the person who Luke was poking behind Kelly’s back:

Of course living in these modern times, Kelly has already been reproached for her comments.

A website called posted an article blasting Kelly’s words:

While I think it’s horrible that Osbourne was cheated on, her hate filled rant that used some of the most objectifying and dehumanizing words is even worse. She’s implying that the trans woman in question has no value, other than sex. That you’d have to have “emotionless sex” with a trans woman.

Kelly, did you ever stop to think that maybe he cheated on you because of your bigoted and intolerant attitudes? Just a thought. Hate is a pretty ugly thing to be around.

Well then. What do you think? Should Kelly have chosen her words more carefully? Or have we as a society become overly sensitive???



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