Bow Wow’s SISTER Puts Him On Blast AND Says His Father Started Career

- By Bossip Staff

Bow Weezy says his mother started his career and he doesn’t know his daddy. This video says different!

Exclusive:Bow Wow lies about his Father and his sisters are upset Shad Moss aka Bow Wow came into the entertainment industry at the age of 12. His father, Alfonso Moss, called the local radio station WVKO in Columbus, OH and signed Shad up for a talent show at the Ohio State Fair. It was at this talent show that got him noticed and Shad was able to land a spot on the Arseno Hall Show where he was discovered. Shad claims in numerous interviews that his Father has not been in his life. Bow Wow’s Father, Alfonso Moss, never spoke out about his side of the story. If you look at any information on Bow Wow, all the history says that he never knew his Father or that his Father was never around during his childhood. Recently, Alfonso, Bow Wow’s Father, got in contact with his son via twitter. Alfonso has been calling his son, but numbers were disconnected. He has sent him messages on Facebook and they were ignored. So, as a last attempt, he sent him a Tweet. Bow Wow contacted his Father via telephone and Bow Wow recorded the personal telephone call. Alfonso had been attempting to contact his son for the past few years. They are tired of Bow Wow talking about their Father in numerous videos. Bow Wow’s sisters were saw how much the video hurt their father and decided to speak out and tell the truth about their brother. Their Father, Alfonso Moss was always in Shad’s life and any time when there was a lapse in contact, it was because Bow Wow chose to cut off communication with his Father. Bow Wow has also cut off communication and has not spoken to his grandparents, Aunts and Uncles, and 2 Nieces and 2 Nephews that he has never met.

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  • Muffy

    SMFH!! Are u serious?! WOW what else ate u hiding bow… U just hit a new low..

  • uhh no

    There is always 3 sides to every story: theory truth, your truth and THE truth. Don’t condemn him try because for all we know this chick is just seeking attention. Bow Wow was already discovered by Snoop when he was 3. Why would this man and his mother lie about his father not being there. And Bow has brothers who his mom raised by herself so are they lying too?

  • ElderHipHopFan

    Uuummm- his sisters are telling the truth and I know first hand because I was at the fair the day he performed and he was with his father. Plus, in earlier interviews wh scenen he first came on the scene, he stated his father took him, but then changed it to his mother’s boyfriend whom he called his stepdad. And yes I am old enough to have been at the fair, but young enough to remember the details. Plus, I’m a hop-hop hed an at the time BW was considered to be “nice ” because of his age.

  • Shea

    Smebody timeline is off, Bow Wo was on the Arsenio Hall showw when he was 5, not 12…Furthermore, his 1st album came out when he was about 10 or 11.

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