Turning The Other Cheek: Stars That Stay Ray Charles To The Haters And Never Respond

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Haters are everywhere. And what makes celebrities able to survive the hate? Their ability to brush it off.

Let’s take a look at some stars that got dissed by other “haters” but refused to respond like you know they want to deep down. We wonder why these people their composure and what they really want to say to the haters out there.

Jay-Z – Dude, Weezy said he was going to kidnap your baby momma and hold her for ransom! For some reason, Hov hasn’t responded. We’re sure it’s coming…but dude won’t even drop a little quick preview diss? That’s not the Hov we grew up with!

Lil Wayne – 50 Cent has been dissing Weezy for years. But Wayne, for some reason, hasn’t responded at all. Maybe he knows how Fiddy ruins careers. But we think Weezy can handle Curtis.

Drake – EVERYONE hates on Drake. But he doesn’t ever toss any shade back on any rappers. We’ll see if he responds to Ludacris and his recent disses though. He’ll probably just want to hug it out.

Barack Obama – Obeezy catches fade from Republicans all damn day. Yet, he stays the course and sticks to policy. Of course, he sent shots to Donald Trump but that’s about it. You know he wants to take the podium and say “eff you fawkheads”!!

Michelle Obama – She takes more ish than her husband. Just recently a hundred thousand rednecks boo’d her at a Nascar event. What did she do? She just put on her headphones and kept it moving.

Biggie – Want to know something people often overlook: Biggie never dissed Tupac on wax. He let Pac do all of the shade throwing but he kept it silent on music when you know he wanted to send shots back. We would have preferred it if he just dissed on a song and left it at that

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    Beyonce – Keri HIlson dissed her and Bey just turned the other cheek. Her response was probably “what’s a Keri Hilson”?

    Gabrielle Union – Gabby has been getting called a homewrecker and all around ho by D Wade’s ex-wife. Yet she hasn’t responded. Of course, that’s because she’s too busy getting an All-Star piping of a lifetime.

    Angelina Jolie – Jennifer Anniston has been crying buffalo tears for a decade because Jolie stole her man. Jolie, the winner in the whole situation, hasn’t thought twice about Jen and is doing all kind of freaky ish with Brad.

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