Keeping Those Baaaawdys Right And Tight: The 10 Healthiest States In The U.S. (And The 5 Unhealthiest, As A Bonus)

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After bringing you the list of this year’s most obese American cities last week, we’re happy to inform you that you’re not all doing so bad.

Here are the ten healthiest states, based on criteria set by the United Health Foundation, the American Public Health Association and the Partnership for Prevention. Among the things they considered were personal health behaviors, the environment and community, health policies in the state and the quality of clinical care.

Flip through the pages below to see if your homestate made the top ten or fell in the bottom five.

First, the 5 unhealthiest…

50. Mississippi

49. Louisiana

48. Oklahoma

47. Arkansas

46. Alabama

45. South Carolina

And now the top ten healthiest states…

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    10. Rhode Island

    9. Colorado

    8. Maine

    7. Utah

    6. Minnesota

    5. Massachusetts

    4. Hawaii

    3. Connecticut

    2. New Hampshire

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