Bricks, All White Bricks: The Craziest Celebrity Drug Busts Of All Time

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Sam Hurd isn’t the only celebrity making stupid drug moves. People have been there and done that before.

These celebrities were part of major drug busts that were totally stupid especially considering they were already making good money or didn’t need to get into deep isht messing with yayo and Mary J.

Jeremy London – So this actor was caught with that White girl. But his excuse was that someone held him at gunpoint and made him snort the yayo. The funnier part was that the incident came from a recent episode of Six Feet Under. Smooth.

LiBlow – She got caught with that coke in her pants. The crazy part? She ratted out her friend and said it was someone else’s britches. That didn’t quite work out, buddy.

Fabolous – He was arrested for moving 50 pounds of weed across the country. That couldn’t have been for just him and his homies. Stick to the rappin’ mayne.

Matthew Mcconaughey – Okay, getting caught with marijuana was pretty normal. But one-time caught him buck naked in the house high as a kite. Party with Matty!

Nate Newton – He had 175 pounds of marijuana in his car! He was going to have the whole city of Dallas rolling up that good good. He’s cleaned up his act and does sports radio these days.

Michael Irvin – Nate’s Dallas teammate, Michael Irvin got busted with huge amounts of cocaine after his 30th birthday party. He had enough coke to fill up his whole party. Geez, man.

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    The Jail Blazers – In the late 90s, like, all of the Portland Trailblazers got arrested for marijuana possession on separate occasions. They had their own little ring going and more than half the players in the NBA were getting high during those years.

    Darryl Strawberry – D Straw was a legendary baseball player that had his career derailed by constant use of cocaine, booze and prostitutes. His most famous incident was ditching rehab to get high with some chick. C’mon Darryl!

    Dwight Gooden – His drug busts were so bad that he ended up getting banned from the MLB for it. He was in rehab then got busted time and time again, ending up in jail. Man, the 80s were a trip, huh.

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