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Stupid Celebs. They’re everywhere. But smart ones exist too!

These famous people look like they’re pretty stupid and even sound stupid from time to time. But if you check their backgrounds, you’ll see that they’re actually pretty learned and shrewd. Don’t judge a book by its cover!

Flavor Flav – People forget that Flav was part of a politically aware and active rap group called Public Enemy. But he also attended Adelphi University and got a solid education. His buffoonery is an act!

JWoww – Before Jersey Shoring, she was an art student at the New York Institute of Technology. She had a fashion line and everything!

Plies – Did you know that Plies is damn near a 35-year-old man that graduated from college? Yup. So sounding like a complete idiot is just a rap thing he does.

Lil Wayne – Yes, he’s a “goblin” and a clown. But he always had great grades in school and even took some time to go to University of Houston for a bit. Weezy’s smarter than your average bear.

Akon – He’s tossed people across the stage a few times, but his business sense (signing Lady Gaga for example) and other business ventures show that he’s one of the smartest men in the biz.

Shakira – You look at Shakira and think she’s just good for hip shaking and rump roast. But reports say that Shakira has a 140+ IQ. Perfect woman? Possibly.

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James Franco – He’s typically the stoner in movies and TV but he’s currently enrolled in NYU. Franco is remarkably smart…maybe the weed helps.

Lex Steele – Don’t know who Lex Steele is? Your boyfriend does. Lex is an adult film star but before then he went to Morehouse and even worked and made tons of money on Wall Street. We guess he just likes doing the nasty on camera.

Lil Jon – Remember those Chappelle Show skits? Lil Jon just screams all the damn time but he’s college educated and pretty smart. Don’t let the catchphrases fool you.


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