Behind The Click: Danii Oliver of DAMN Digital Studio

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In our latest installment of Behind The Click, we are profiling Danii Oliver, who is the co-founder of DAMN Digital Studio, LLC – a company that specializes in emerging technology platforms in the digital space.  She has some interesting insight as well as suggestions for women interested in getting into the digital game.  So sit back and take notes.

LDC:  So I understand you went to Baruch College. What was it like attending that school?

DO: Before Baruch, I attended Temple University. I designed my own degree “Business and Graphic Communication” (a concentration on Marketing, Management, Entrepreneurship, Fine Art, Commercial Art and Digital Media Development), which at the time did not exist. I left Temple, and previously Arcadia University, because I completed all the courses that those schools could offer me to meet my unique degree requirements.

I also studied abroad with Semester at Sea through Pittsburgh University. Semester at Sea is a unique study aboard program that sails nearly 700 students around the world in 104 days. Each regular semester, they make stops in 10 countries for one week. Students explore the countries’ city and culture while learning first-hand what life is like outside the U.S. Ambassadors from each port of call joined us in the country before we visited their country in order to prep and inform us on cultural nuances. This was the greatest of all my experiences. It broadened my horizons well beyond anything as person who had never left the U.S. could imagine. I suggest that all students take advantage of studying abroad to learn about other cultures and broaden their knowledge of the world outside of where they live.

LDC: What encouraged you to pursue your interest in all things tech/programming?

DO: My passions encouraged me to pursue all things tech/programming. I am an artist by nature and I enjoy creating aesthetics, sensory or sensory-emotional experiences. My work had gotten to the point that my still images weren’t enough; they needed to be brought to life to tell a bigger and broader story. I needed a plot and scenario; actions and reactions to occur in my work and it was important to me that the audience always be deeply engaged. This coupled with too many trips to Disney (can’t count anymore) and my love for the supernatural, paranormal and science fiction led me to work with technology.

I only see myself creating something from nothing. Programming lets me do just that while engaging people. Technology has us all in awe and it is the way of our future. I just want to be the first to create something we’ve only read in books and make it real.


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