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Don’t have a Valentine’s Day boo? Then check out these single, successful, sensuous women, but do remember fellas, you gotta come correct!

Around this time of year some people tend to sulk and feel sorry for themselves, wishing they had a lover, wondering why they don’t, watching flocks of happy couples parading around celebrating how much happier they are than you. Well fear not, there is someone for everybody and if these fine-a$$ ladies are single and not worried then dammit neither should you!

Flip the page to take a look at the creme de la creme of single celebrity women…

Work, work, work, work! Tyra Banks still got that work!

C’mon, do we really need to talk you into this one. Word on the skreets is that she is dating Akon’s brother Bu, but until we see them holding hands and kissin’ she’s still on the market!

She has got to be one of the finest and most down-to-Earth black actresses in the business, any man would be lucky as hell to get a crack at Miss Henson.

Sanaa Lathan, she’s beautiful, she’s an amazing actress, and if you’ve seen Love & Basketball then you know her jumper is wet!

Piff puffin’ Rih-Rih might be a lil’ too wild for some, but for the seaman that knows how to tame those rough waters, there is surely a bountiful booty full of riches that awaits you!

As the voice of BOTH Huey and Riley on the hit cartoon The Boondocks, starring in the hit show Southland, and being fine as all outdoors, Regina King is a sweet chocolate thang just waiting to be scooped up.

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Don’t front, you know Mya got you open. She might have a few miles on her, but we’ll be damned if that is going to stop a brotha from saying “Excuse me miss…”

Mmm, mmm, Good…

Kerry Washington is a baaaad muhfugga, why the hell hasn’t anyone gone half on baby with her???

Jenny “From The Block” might be running around with lil ol’ whats-his-name, but we know damn well that she is just waiting for someone to save her from her cougar ways.

Them tig ole bitties deserve the warm touch of a man’s hands. We’re sure she is a lovely person as well…


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