Women That Went A Little Crazy For Men They Loved

Crazy In Love: Women That Went A Little Cuckoo For The Men They Loved

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These ladies took things a tad too far…

Did you know that you could die from a broken heart? Getting broken up with is a good way to lead to depression. We get it. And when we have love shade our decision-making, things get ugly. These women had their meltdowns and craziness for the world to see.


Angelina Jolie – She kept a vial of Billy Bob’s blood and got his name tatted on her. If that’s not crazy we don’t know what is.

Kimmy Cakes – Kim straight up went crazy after her relationship with Reggie Bush fell apart. She cried even more than she’s fake crying over Kris Humphries.

Vanessa Bryant – She became a crazy coocoo for Cocoa Puffs looney after Kobe cheated on her in Colorado. Blame her?

Vivica A. Fox – She went psycho after 50 dumped her. Even her face started looking different.

Rihanna – You can just see how insane she’s acting over Breezy. Kind of sad, actually.

Tila Tequila – She’s been on a downward spiral for a couple of years now…we actually hope she gets it together.

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Christina Milian – She went gaga for The Dream then she went on a Twitter rampage as soon as the pictures of him cheating hit the net. She also went a little off when Nick Cannon dumped her.

Fantasia – She’s gone loco for her cheating man. Now that he’s dumped her, we’ll see what happens next. But she was already on the verge of crazy when they were together!

Lil Kim – She loved Biggie even though he knew she was a side piece. Actually, everyone knew she was a side piece but her. And she’s still crazy and in denial.


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