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The Craziest Celebrity Paternity Tests Of All Time

Here’s a general rule for survival: wrap it up. That way, you don’t get stuck in some nasty sideshow trying to determine if you’re the daddy of some random chick’s kids. These celebrities got caught up in paternity cases where they had to prove if they were daddies or not. They probably should have just gone to Maury and let it all get handled in public.

Rick Ross – Rozay just ducked child support by taking a test revealing he wasn’t the father. Score!

Kourtney Kardashian – Get this: she had to take a paternity test to prove that some guy was NOT the father after he was trying to claim her baby. Backwards as hell.

Khloe Kardashian – They had to do a paternity test to make sure she was legitimately a Kardashian sister. Not sure if she wanted that to be the result.

Eddie Murphy – He had to take a paternity test that revealed…he IS the father of Mel B’s babies.

Chris Rock – A woman claimed Chris fathered her kids and he had to pay court costs to get her off his back after the paternity tests showed he didn’t father any of her kids.

Tila Tequila – She claimed The Game got her pregnant. A test revealed that she is a lying slore. We didn’t need a test for that.

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Steve Jobs – A paternity test revealed that he had an illegitimate child before he blew up. That’s like hitting the lottery.

Elizabeth Hurley – Get this, she had a private investigator get some guy named Steve Bing’s dental floss to prove he was the father of her baby. Wow.

Keanu Reeves – A woman said he fathered four of her kids. Cot datum! He didn’t even father a single one according to the paternity test.


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