Racks On Racks On Racks: Bra Sizes Of The Rich And Famous

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Celebrity Bra Sizes

You ever see stars with their cleavage all out and wonder just exactly how much they’re packing in their bras? Ever try to measure your cup size and compare it to the stars you see? Well, you don’t have to guess anymore. We did some digging and found some REPORTED and ALLEGED bra sizes of some of the most famous women in the world.

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Jennifer Lopez celebrates her world tour with post party at Pure nightclub

J. Lo – 34B

katy perry

Katy Perry – 32D

Nicki Minaj – 34C

Kim Kardashian – 36D

Kate Upton – 34D

Singer Rihanna enjoyed loud music while hanging with her friends on her yacht in Saint Barths, France on July 27, 2012. Rihanna enjoyed drinks and smoked a blunt while dancing but the party was cut short as the police paid a visit due to the loud music. The police got it under control and then enjoyed a drink with the crew.

Rihanna – 34B

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    Beyonce – 36C


    Tyra Banks – 34DD


    Sofia Vergara – 36DD

    Rosario Dawson – 34D

    Nicole Scherzinger celebrates her birthday in a gold dress at TAO Nightclub at The Venetian

    Nicole Scherzinger – 36C


    Rick Ross – 53FFF

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