Siovaughn Wade Says She Hasn't Seen Her Sons Since July

D-Wade’s Ex-Wife Siohvaughn Says She Hasn’t Seen Her Sons Since July, Claims He Hit Their Oldest Son And Wishes Dwyane Never Got Drafted By The NBA!!!

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Now Siohvaughn, who is working towards a law degree near her home in Chicago, says she is locked in a new struggle – just trying to see her sons.

She said there has been incident after incident of her ex-husband keeping the children from her – at one point even sending them to Illinois when she was about to fly to Florida to see them in July. As the courts ruled she is only allowed to see them in Florida, she was unable to visit the youngsters even though they were just 25 minutes away from her Chicago home, she said.

Another time, her husband flew the boys to the London Olympics, meaning she did not see them for more than a month. At this point, she has not seen them since July, she said.

The courts have granted her no visits between August and November 8, her attorney added.

‘Dwyane was on Oprah [in July] expressing how he gets excited when the children get to see their mom,’ she said. ‘At that very same time I was fighting to have the time I was given.’

But she claims the court’s leniency towards her ex-husband is not extended to her.

In June, she was arrested for child abduction after she failed to give the boys over to their father at the end of a visit. In reality, she said, one of Wade’s sisters who is not allowed to transport the children arrived at the house to take them – and did not even ring the bell to say she was waiting.

The charges have since been dropped but she still faces charges of resisting arrest ‘in a case where she never should have been arrested in the first place’, her attorney said.

‘I was hours late with one of my visitations, but he was weeks late with his and he didn’t even get a punishment,’ Siohvaughn said. ‘There was no enforcement when it came to Dwyane.’

One thing they both agree on is that the children should be able to see both of their parents.

‘Not seeing their mother could have a very negative effect,’ Siohvaughn continued. ‘We know what happened to Dwyane without his mom in his life and how he turned to my family.’

But she was happy when he came to her door, she said, and still resents how she lost him to a life of fame and fortune.

‘The way it broke down was heartbreaking,’ Siohvaughn said, her voice cracking. ‘It was a mourning to me rather than a divorce. This person I had loved was literally dead. I felt the way a wife feels when her husband dies. That person was literally gone.’

Now she is single, working towards her law degree and receiving minimal spousal support from Wade, which ‘isn’t enough to pay my bills’, she said. His salary is $17.1 million.

She revealed that, if she had known then what she knows now, she would have asked him to never go for the draft at all.

‘I wish he would’ve stayed,’ she said. ‘If I had to choose between the money and the love, I would have chosen the love. But I can’t choose.’

Tough life? Or does Siohvaughn need to stop hanging on to the past and work harder to support herself and get more access to her kids?

Are you more sympathetic toward her after reading her side of the story?

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