Tattooed: A Gallery Of The Most Inked Up Celebrity Women In Hollywood

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Celebrity Women Who Have A Lot Of Tattoos

People have mixed feelings about tattoos and women, and celebrities are no different. Some women love them, some men hate them on women, and some people don’t have any but admit that they like how they look on other people.

But if you think you can tell which women fall into which category just by looking at them, you might want to think again.

We already showed you all of Rihanna’s 90 million tatts, but it turns out that she’s just one of many Hollywood ladies who are addicted to the ink.

Let’s check out a few more…

Keyshia Cole – 6 and counting

Eve – 4

Kelis-She actually only has one that we’re aware of…but it’s HUGE and goes from the top of her shoulder all the way down to her hips!

Megan Fox – 8 and counting

Kimbella – 3

Monica – 6

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    Cassie – 8

    Amber Rose – 5 and counting

    Draya Michele – 4 and counting

    Rita Ora – 5 and counting

    Rihanna – 17 and counting

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