Drinking Isn’t Great Either: Celebrities Who Got Sloppy A$$ Drunk And Embarrassed In Public

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Celebrities Drunk In Public

We just showed you what happens when celebrities got too high in public and embarrassed themselves to no end. Well, we’re here to let you know that drugs aren’t the only problems here as a lot of celebrities have gotten into a lot of trouble getting chocolate wasted in public. Then, they usually check into rehab or something. But in the meantime, their videos live on in infamy.

So let’s look at some people that needed to put the bottle down for a bit before stepping out on the town.

Kanye West – He was so wasted that he went on stage and insulted Taylor Swift in front of America. Someone should have snatched that Henny from him.

David Hasselhoff – He had to go to rehab after the video of him being drunk and talking to his daughter went viral. Good thing she did something about it.

DMX – Yes, he made both lists. He’s been through enough rehabs to make us cry, and he went on a public drunken rant about Drake and Aaliyah.

Snooki – Yeah, she gets drunk in public a lot.

Christina Aguilera – She showed up drunk in public for a while, culminating in her screwing up the National Anthem at the Super Bowl.

Charles Barkley – He got pulled over for public drunkenness and tried to pay off the cop because he wanted a dome job so badly.

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    Courtney Cox – She showed up drunk to the VMAs and fell off the chair during her interview. What else would you expect?

    Mariah Carey – She got wasted and accepted an award at the Palms Awards a couple of years ago. It was hilarious and mostly harmless.

    K-Ci and Jojo – Remember when Jojo passed the f*** out on stage? These dudes need some Aquafina before each show.

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      It’s Love…Courtney Love… Writer of this article is probably wasted.

    • The contrarian

      It is courtney love, but thats ok, all those white folk look alike.

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