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Barack Obama wants Justice Department official John Tanner fired for the following comments:

“Our society is such that minorities don’t become elderly the way white people do; they die first,” Tanner said. “There are inequities in health care,” Tanner continued. “There are a variety of inequities in this country. And so anything that disproportionately impacts the elderly has the opposite impact on minorities; just the math is such as that.”


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  • http://www.myspace.com/plasticxbarbi3 Raven

    Wow. I dont know what to say, America is increasing in prejudice and ignorance each day. When black people age, they get older in age;numbers. As with white people they age in apperance and actual age. If you see a black 50 year old women you would think she’s 30, but if you were to see a white 50 year old you would think she is 80. Black women and men age gracefully and beautifully.

  • http://whoseamerica.blogspot.com/ daria

    Um, the first part of that statement is somewhat true but the fact that homicide is the leading killer of young black people matters too. Also, there are plenty of elderly black people. Just not as many as there should be.

    The latter part of his statement makes no sense. Wouldn’t call it racist probably if it came out of the mouth of a less educated person. I’d call it stupidity, but I’m not really sure what the context was or how senile this man is

  • moxpoe1

    daria – I agree with you.

    I’m not so sure his statement is racist as it is stupid.

    Seems like the comment wasn’t necessary for his speech in the first place.

  • rikyrah

    This statement was made at The Supreme Court, as he tries to defend the Voter ID Laws that were put in place, SPECIFICALLY, to depress minority voter turnout.

  • rikyrah

    The ‘Justice Department’ supporting and defending practices designed to SUPPRESS MINORITY VOTER TURNOUT. For those of you who don’t vote, please tell me this…if your vote didn’t count for much, then WHY DO THEY SPEND SO MUCH TIME FINDING NEW WAYS TO TRY AND TAKE IT AWAY FROM YOU?

    Riddle me that.

  • John

    The old racist F— should be fired!!!!!!

  • illllll

    i second rikyrah x10

  • http://greatmindsthinklikemerainlillie.blogspot.com/ rainlillie

    The Bush administration has politicized every branch of our government. From the Justice department , to the EPA.

    Those crooks in the White House, have shown the American people a level of incompetence and corruption that is unfathomable!

    This is what happens when people who are unqualified are put into high level positions.

  • kit

    Most blacks don’t retire with stockS and bonds. Blacks retire with poor health and poorer pockets

  • Help Please

    Someone please explain what he was trying to say. I’m not usually this slow!

  • lolo

    And by the way i’m not white i’m latino baby.

  • jade

    Honestly, I have read this at least five times, and I cannot understand his point, can someone explain what he was trying to say.?!

  • Help Please


    And I thought I was slow. You are truly an idiot and you made no sense.

    Sad attempt to degrade black women with the stretch mark comment. 26 was such a random age as well, LMAO.

    You always have a position at the Justice Department. It seems your stupidity qualifies.

  • Knoxus

    KKK? Racist? I dont know you tell me. What I read was that anything that heavily disfavors the elderly, will benefit minorities. As a DOJ official I’m sure he’s read more than one paper by an analyst on whose going to jail. He’s read about the jail deaths. He’s read about homicide rates. I expect him to be an expert on who makes it into adult hood. Healthcare-wise. As of 2001 statistics, mortality rates for African-American women are higher than any other racial/ethnic group for nearly every major cause of death including heart disease, lung cancer, cerebrovascular disease, breast cancer, and chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases. Death rates from cancer have been declining among both African American men and women, according to Cancer Facts & Figures for African Americans 2007-2008. Yet the cancer death rate is still 35% higher for African American men compared to white men and 18% higher in African American women compared to white women. In fact, African Americans have the highest death rate and shortest survival rate of any other racial or ethnic group for most cancers, the report says. You want this man to be president. He won’t even take the time to study the facts and figures before he calls for someone being fired. Everything the man said was true. I really dont have a problem with photo id…I use one when I vote what’s the big deal.

  • molk

    @ Knoxus

    I’m happy to see sombody like you around here. FINALY somebody with common sense. A white guy saying something about black folks, and all these poeples claim he’s a racist and they dont even have the intelligence to understand what he said. (as usual) How pathetic!!!

  • IBW- Ideal Black Woman

    @Help Please and Jade

    After reading it I think he’s saying there more elderly whites than there are elderly minorities because they die out early.

    In the second part, he’s saying that the unfairness in the health care system that affects elderly whites does not have any impact on blacks. I’m guessing because he thinks they do not live that long.


    Lossip is to the left, and while on your way there, pick up a book and read because your ignorance is disheartnening.

  • http://www.notapplicable.com 20something


    Maybe you should take your latino ass to Lossip

  • IBW- Ideal Black Woman

    Either way I look at it, he’s right. People need to start eating healthy and exercising. Too much popeyes and obesity. Fat black women and men talking bout they big bone. WTF? How can your bones be big?

    But on the real, there are also a lot of poor blacks who cannot afford to go to the doctor who will tell them that they need to eat healthy, exercise, and give them health advise. So there are two problems that Senator Obama needs to address before calling for someone to be fired.

    1)Stop black on black crime

    2)Universal Health Care or as the GOP call it “Government Medicine”

  • ray ray

    Sounds as if he’s distinguishing the White elderly people from minorities, without considering minorities who are elderly for one. And because minorities die first it means they have benefited from programs that elderly whites are disproportionately impacted by (financially). To bring it down to the street, it is his way of saying whites are tired of carrying us minorities, a typical Republican view in my opinion.

    Tanner, like Knoxus above, is spinning the argument to make the statistics critique black people without considering the context in which the statistics arise. The argument doesn’t take into consideration the amount of whites who benefit from the same programs, the lack of adequate health care that has contributed to high mortality rates among blacks and other minorities, etc.

    For instance, I just read an article that mentions the high mortality rates among blacks with type 1 diabetes. However, the author did use the statistics to make a political statement about blacks or to criticize the knowledge of a particular candidate. He pointed out that the disparity is most likely the result of an inadequacy in care for African Americans with type 1 diabetes. Moreover, it could be the result of issues such as access to care, availability of monitoring supplies, or education about diabetes.

    If white people want to live shorter lives and switch places with minorities, so that they can benefit from blacks living longer lives, then I say let’s do that. However, it will mean reversing the education levels, access to care, etc.

    Obama saw through what he’s saying and if we had heard the tone and context of the question, we would have seen through it too.

    ps. Notice Knoxus listed the statistics without asking “why” the rates are higher for blacks. And remember this…when you ask “why,” make sure you contextualize the question. Then you’ll see why the answer is a racist answer.


  • ray ray

    3rd Paragraph correction…^^^^

    However, the author did “not” use the statistics to make a political statement about blacks or to criticize the knowledge of a particular candidate.


    @ All

    Let’s face it. After listening to Lolo, who is probably white or Latino, I am convinced that all of our websites have more trolls than actual African Americans. These people are so obsessed and/or jealous of us until it’s downright scary. I will no longer partake in these blogs. Please do not give them anything more to add fuel to their fire. They’re a bunch of sick people.

  • Come On

    What I find insulting is why some people insist that black people have to have everything broken down for them. Break it down to a level they understand, make sure you point out that you’re not talking about every single black person in the country.

    No shyt he wasn’t talking about every black person or every white person. The truth is, the death rate for black people where death from health problems is higher for black people. Yes, life has been hard on our bodies. So yes, there are reasons but did the reasons have to be included in his statement? No.

    Most of us are not anal, most us don’t feel the need to have the “whys” thrown out as a disclaimer everytime something is addressed to us.

    As for guns and prison, please.

    I don’t know what the hell is on this white guy’s mind, maybe he is a card carrying racist. But his statement was not racist, it was the truth. Whoever posted that the stats are changing for the better, thank you for pointing that out. But we still have a long why to go.

    Instead of calling for the guy to be fired, goofy Obama should use it as a door opener to push for better living conditions for all Americans. But at the end of the day, he’s just another political fool. 75%+ of ALL American households earn under $50,000.00 a year. People are living paycheck to paycheck, that’s the problem. But let’s focus on some BS instead. Thanks, Barack.

  • RICKY2009

    @ Come On

    Only a WHITE person, would describe Obama as goofy.

  • Come On

    Wish I would have checked it over before I posted it! Sorry about the errors. Also sorry I didn’t read Soulful’s post first, you are right

  • Come On

    No, I am black and I use the word goofy.lol

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