Suspect: Why Does Vince Always Have His Mouth Open Like This In His Pictures?

- By Bossip Staff
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tamar braxton and vince

We were browsing through pictures this morning, doing our job, when we came across Tamar Braxton and Vince Herbert rumors and pictures suggesting he is gay. We don’t know if the allegations are true or not, but we did find the following pictures interesting.

(The Above Is A Picture Of The Couple Looking Rather Mismatched With His Dumpy And Sloppy Stilo Compared To Her Newly Lightened Skin)

Turn the pages and peep with the last page being a good indicator of where Tamar Braxton’s actual skin color should be as well…


What does that look suggest?


Mush mouthed…









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    Do it to them…Viiince!


    What a match made in heaven…right?


    The the final picture on the next page shows Tamar’s true skin color.


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    • dolls

      He could just need to breath through his mouth due to the fact that he is big, and thus may cause him to be out of breath quickly.

    • SugarHoney

      Maybe its because he’s lips are too y’all need to leave that men alone before he slap ya with a defamation of character lawsuit

    • FemmeFatale

      He’s not gay, he’s just a mouth breather.

    • Dela

      Poor man can’t breathe well unless it’s through his mouth. He should lose some of that weight. Smh

    • Sweet Tee

      That man is not gay….just a mouth breather, which happens with most big ppl.

    • Chill Jackson

      Lol. Must be a sloooow day in the office. This article is reaching yo.

    • Reese

      How does this make him gay? This is a stretch

    • Jb

      I am dumber after reading this article.

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