Wrap City: Top 10 Artists NOBODY Cares About Anymore

Wrap City: Top 10 Artists NOBODY Cares About Anymore

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Every artist has their time before cheers turn into boos and bright lights dim. With fame, wealth and legions of stans, comes a countdown to the moment when no one (in the universe) cares about your music anymore. Ugly reality, but the price of fame.

Here are the ten artists nobody cares about anymore. Take a look.

Keri Hilson New Video "The Way You Love Me"

Keri Hilson

She’s the most hated, disrespected, cyber-bullied R&B artist alive. In ’09, she was hot but now people (especially Bey stans) act like she open-hand slapped Blue Ivy and scampered off. Her career? Dead.


50 Cent

Everyone loves 50, the filthy rich instigator (who creates Rap beef for fun). 50 Cent…the filthy rich rapper? Ehh, like LeBron’s hairline, he just needs to let the rappity-raps go and stick to interviews.



The somewhat decent actor formerly known as Ludacris was one of Hip-Hop’s biggest stars before morphing into a super-corny identity crisis. At some point, he just stopped caring about Rap music and ruined every record he breathed on (See: John Legend “Tonight”). Damn shame.



That awkward moment when you realize NELLY sold 21 million albums during his run. One of the best-selling male artists ever? Yes, Nelly, who still believes we care about his music hundreds of band-aids, Vokal denims and credit card swipes through booty cheeks later. Nah, bruh.


Amerie Ameriie

She was always a poor, blind, crippled woman’s Beyonce famous for hitting (and holding) the same pitchy note on records. For two albums, she was poppin…then she wasn’t. Now, her and the extra-“i” she added for support (or something) are completely-irrelevant.



The lotion-allergic hit machine had to die for Future Vandross to flourish. Musically-brilliant, Teddy Pain re-invented R&B before we turned on him and his Jay-Z-forsaken auto-tune.

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Lupe Fiasco

“Kick, Push”-Lupe went from breath of fresh air to militant war criminal/domestic terrorist/fake deep philosopher in 2013. Pay $50+ to see him perform 27-minute anti-Government songs? HELL and NO.



JUVAY gave the world “400 Degreez”—Top 5 Southern Rap album ever—and countless other classics before falling completely off Earth. We may be wrong, but the universe never intended for a 37-year-old rapper named “Juvenile” to exist in 2013. Nope.


Bobby V.

The fun-sized OshKosh B’Gosh-model/crooner was hot for 657 days before his time expired. Five years ago. Why he’s STILL releasing new music in 2013, we just don’t know (or care enough to investigate).


Melanie Fiona

Technically, most people never cared about the talented songbird with the personality of an empty shoe box. Soooooo vocally-gifted, yet so completely-boring and forgettable. Tragic.



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