Caught Slippin: 10 Athletes Put On Blast By Super-Slorish Groupies

Caught Slippin: 10 Athletes Put On Blast By Super-Slorish Groupies

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Groupies are fame-starved parasites who hop from athlete to athlete hoping to get knocked up and sponsored for life. Mostly unloved trash with daddy issues, they’re every star athlete’s kryptonite.

Here are ten athletes put on blast by super-slorish groupies. Take a look.


Peyton Siva

Louisville’s light-bright wonder thanked Jesus, God and every Angel in Heaven after leading his team to Championship glory then spent the next day caught up in a nasty, super-slore-fueled scandal. You know he was SICK.

Carmelo Anthony-Manhattan-WENN

Carmelo Anthony

Melo married the most boring Blatina beauty alive, knocked her up then cheated (allegedly) with 19-year-old thirst Goddess Asia Monroe.

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J.R. Smith

The indoor and outdoor savage is an ink-scribbled Twitter terrorist who embodies the YOLO movement.

James Harden- New York-WENN

James Harden

First, this:


(Notice that slorebucket #1 is tweeting Jenna Shea—top-flight skeet receptacle of the world—who sucked 20K out of Harden last year)

Then, this:


If you haven’t noticed, Jenna Shea’s filth-polluted box is NBA property.


Kyree Irving

After filing a restraining order against psycho Twitter sloreball “Miss Hawaii,” Kyree deleted his Twitter. And then this happened. His happy relationship? Over.

Colin Kaepernick-Los Angeles-WENN

Colin Kaepernick

The star 49ers QB was accused of leaving a strong-faced twodel stranded at an ATL airport for six hours. According to the “urban model” who picked her up, they had only talked on the phone/Skyped for five months. Sound familiar?

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Shannon Brown-Coral Gables-WENN

Shannon Brown

You probably don’t want to creep on Monica—the classiest hoodrat in R&B—because, like Keyshia and K. Michelle, she’ll slice you open with razors hidden in her bra.


Tyrann “Honey Badger” Mathieu

Star athlete tweets that he misses his girlfriend then scandalous pics of him with women that aren’t his girl fall from the sky onto the internet. It’s filthy out here.

Demarcus Cousins-Los Angeles-WENN

Demarcus Cousins

The talented but troubled pro baller loves making bad decisions that include sending nekked pics to professional ho bucket Asia Monroe who leaked them to the blogs.

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Eric Gordon

The rising New Orleans Pelicans star morphed into Drake and locked himself in Marvin’s Room over a heartless slorebag who wanted nothing more than filthy groupie love.


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