They Do Exist: 10 Of The Classiest Celebrities In The Game….And The Reasons Why They Made Our List

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“You can pay for school but you can’t buy class…”

10 Classy Celebrities

It’s been said that the Hollyweird life is not one for the faint at heart or those without a thick skin.

In addition to that, it truly takes a certain type of individual to be able to enjoy all of the perks that come along with fame and fortune, while also still managing not to spazz out and totally sabotage your reputation in the face of the ugly side of the lime light that threatens to ruin the livelihoods of celebrities every day.

No one is perfect and what’s more, some regrettable reactions really are unavoidable when you find your back against the wall.

But some how, some way these people have managed to hold it together, handle their personal business in private and keep it classy in the public eye….so far.

Yandy Smith
Say what you will about Yandy’s choice in men, but the way she handles herself in a room full of squawking birds is second to none. We saw her take it up a notch during the final episode of season 2 of Love and Hip Hop when she squared off with Chrissy, but she even managed to handle that messy situation with class and keep a level head through it all.

Michael Ealy
He dated Halle Berry and even though it didn’t work out between them, he refuses to talk bad about her or dish on what went wrong. It takes a certain type of man to smash arguably the baddest chick in the game and keep it under wraps. He even got married on the low last year and kept it a secret for months!

She’s been happily married to a former NBA baller for over 10 years, has her own career, and has avoided any public groupie scandals, kids on the side or attention-sloring reality tv stints. Clap for her.

Denzel Washington
He’s become one of the biggest names in Hollyweird while remaining humble and confident at the same time without coming off as arrogant. Not to mention he’s been happily married for over 20 years and has never forgotten his Mount Vernon, NY roots. A stellar example for young black men climbing the ladder to success.

Eve’s life certainly hasn’t been full of roses and rainbows, but she’s never been one to put her business in the street. She’s also one of very few female rappers who are able to lyrically acknowledge her own skills without tearing down her competition and even act as a mediator or neutral party at times while still speaking her mind. Eve is living proof that you CAN keep it hood but not act like a hoodrat. Yeah, we said it.

Kerry Washington
She plays one of the most scandalous (no pun intended) characters on television right now, and has even been rumored to be on First Lady Michelle Obama’s “list” of women not allowed around the President. SMH. Despite any of that, Kerry remains at the top of her game in Hollyweird while simutaneously advocating for the President and supporting causes important to the African-American community.

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    Monica has been through hell and back in her personal life, but she’s remained the epitome of a strong, classy, fearless woman who always puts her family first. She handles her personal business behind closed doors and rarely ever addresses messy rumors or even real-life drama in the public eye.

    Angela Bassett
    In addition to the fact that she’s been effortlessly fly for longer than many of us have even been alive, we can’t think of one bad or messy thing to say about Mrs. Bassett. We want to be like her when we grow up.

    Honorable Mention:President Barack And First Lady Michelle Obama
    Even though the First Family should expect to be required to carry themsleves a certain way in public, there’s no denying that this family’s tolerance has been pushed to the limit seemingly everyday since President Obama was elected. Blatant racism from their peers, insults hurled at their late family members, shameless slander toward their children…you name it, this couple has faced it and faced it with class.

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