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NeNe’s family is fed up!

NeNe’s Family Puts Her Blast For Calling Them Half Sisters

NeNe Leakes beefed with Phaedra Parks on The Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion show for contacting her estranged sisters to help bring some old skeleton’s out NeNe’s wig closet.

Well, it looks like NeNe’s family didn’t need to be on TV to put her out there. The sisters didn’t take too kindly to NeNe calling them half and saying they were jealous of her money makin’ fame

NeNe’s fam aired it all out on Facebook (Black Fence Chat):

Kendle Kenya Sparks Davis

Its funny how you and your sister have the same MOTHER and she’s on tv calling you her half sister!!!! Now that’s Dirty!! @neneleakes

Agather Hepburn

Lol really dirty sister!!!!

Claudine Colthirst

SMH! I remember ur mom and mine (plain as it was yesterday) telling us about all ur siblings and about kamy and I. They said and I quote. You all came from the same place ME. Your sister’s no damn half-sisters. I kinda cleaned it up cause u know our moms mouth. But that basically it.

Val Carter

Oh and dont forget the quote U THINK THEY DONT WANNA BE IN MY LIFE…… WOW.

Kendle Kenya Sparks Davis

And now everybody wants a interview !!! They want to know why we haven’t talk in 8 years. I know she don’t want the truth to come out SMH!!!

Hit the flip to peep more of what they had to say about NeNe’s shady ways…

Val Carter

sad, what goes up must come down. U know she gonna say yall just want her money and wanna bevon HER SHOW SMDH. Thank God u successful n your own right

Tisha Sterling Blades

Girl!!! I saw that! Hmmm!!!

Tisha Sterling Blades

And yes…I did hear the 8 years thing! SMH

Nykea Prettyface Tanner

I saw that smh….

Michelle Glaze-Bailey


Tweet Bradley

When she said that last night I thought of you! Then when they was talking bout calling them I was like hope they don’t call that one cuz she going to b raw n uncut, then again I wanted them to call!! Yes ( you think they don’t want a relationship w me now) really

Tweet Bradley

They on how many sessions and NeNe u mad at that girl cuz ur truth ( pass) almost came out

Simmy Aldrick


Kendle Kenya Sparks Davis

Some of y’all know me for ever and know my family well do you no I’m not lying all of this shit hurts my dad.

Tweet Bradley Well

she said it best ( you never can win,when you fight dirty) she will b exposed real soon and everyone will know the real NeNe

Dorothia DeeBaby Hines


Dorothia DeeBaby Hines

wow thats bogus if i was u kenya ill do the interview

Tweet Bradley

Hunny Kendle Kenya Sparks Davis will walk away with a pocket full of money, a burden lift and no shame cuz she going to keep it raw and uncut ( REAL) Then she might want a relationship with Kendle Kenya Sparks Davis lmao!! That’s why she was so mad she don’t want the real real to come out

Dorothia DeeBaby Hines

smh wow thats crazy

Simmy Aldrick

Amazing how ppl change ;( The 3 of you sisters look just alike….a carbon copy of Mrs Harriet…There’s nothing half way about that…so sad

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