Famously-Filthy: 10 Naughtiest Female Celebs Of ALL-TIME

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A wise hussy once said “well-behaved women seldom make history” which is true in our hypersexualized culture where scandalous behavior is awarded. Some more infamously-nasty than others, it’s amazing how successful trashy, moral-free women can be in America.

Here are the ten greatest bussits, floozies and scuzzbuckets ever. Take a look.

Marilyn Monroe-WENN

Marilyn Monroe

She’s the most beloved jump-off of the 20th century who A) smashed the President and star athletes at the same time and B) inspired generations of “free-spirited” floozies, club flyer models and groupies to embrace their inner-hoochie and shine like hooker pearls. On a scale of Olivia Pope to 10, she’s a strong 11.

Karrine Steffans-United States-WENN

Karrine “Super Head” Steffans

Rap’s most notorious bed-hopper sucked her way onto the NY Times Best Seller List and flourished. If anyone deserves credit for the video vixen/groupie come-up blueprint, it’s her.


Kat Stacks

A far more repulsive, scabies-infested version of “Superhead,” Katherine Stacksington is universally-known as a fame-chasing industry roach who lived to expose Z-List rappers and spread STDs.


Jenna Shea

The sloppy scuzzbucket has been linked to several star athletes and bragged about her nasty exploits. If we had to guess, we’d say her worthless box smells like NBA locker rooms and AXE body spray.

Kim Kardashian-Las Vegas-WENN

Kim Kardashian

This list would be incomplete without Kimmy K. but she’s not THAT filthy. Shameless attention fiend famous for a freaky flick/pro athlete bed-hopping? Yes, but most of her bedroom filth happened while in relationships.

Erykah Badu-Los Angeles-WENN

Erykah Badu

She has three children with three different rappers (D.O.C., Andre 3000 and Jay Electronica) who looked into her eyes and were lost forever. If you smash the soul-collecting siren, you’re basically smashing the entire music industry (or so we heard) and will probably dress like a glittery sharecropper.

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    Rihanna-New York-WENN


    Pop music’s dysfunctional hoodrat princess has smeared her RiRi Woo on Chris Brown, Matt Kemp, Drake, *J.R. Smith, *Wale, *Jay-Z, *Kanye, *Rick Ross, *Pharrell, *Justin Timberlake, *Ashton Kutcher, *Tristan Wild, *Josh Hartnett, *Andrew Bynum and *Rashard Lewis. 15+ men. 1 “hot pocket.” Nasty.

    * = alleged, rumored or reported by unnamed sources

    Taylor Swift-Beverly Hills-WENN

    Taylor Swift

    Her only known talent is being dumped which happens every few weeks. Don’t be fooled by her “I can’t believe yall love me”-shtick, she’s the sneakiest fake-wholesome Pop starlet in the industry.

    Adrienne Bosh-Miami-WENN

    Adrienne Bosh

    Before marrying goofy zestball/Miami Heat star Chris Bosh, she was an infamous bed-hopper who sucked and smashed a lifetime worth of A-Z-List rappers before being “saved.”

    Lindsay Lohan-London-WENN

    Lindsay Lohan

    The unwashed “fire crotch” was Hollywood property for years. Her smash list: Wilmer Valderrama, Colin Farrell, Aaron Carter, Brody Jenner, Brandon Davis Callum Best and several other white male celebs you’ve probably never heard of.


    Ava Devine

    Men. Women. Anyone. Anytime. Anyplace. Doesn’t matter. The legendary freaky flick star will smash with the utmost enthusiasm and glee. Body count? “Unknown.” Her soul? Pure filth.

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