Freaks: A Gallery Of Celebrities Who Admitted To Getting Freaky In These Crazy Places

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These Hollyweird high rollers admitted making love faces in the craziest of places…

Celebrities Who Admitted To Having Sex In Crazy Places

Let’s face it, a lot of people who have experienced it at least once like sex. And while it’s not that uncommon to come across everyday people who are comfortable dishing details on their freak-deeky sex lives, celebrities usually keep their mouths closed (no pun intended).

But not these celebrities.

Here’s a look at more than a few famous faces who had no shame in owning up to the craziest places they’ve done the do. Freaks!

T.I. & Tiny
Tiny got caught red-handed giving T.I.’s long johnson some “hands on” lovin while visiting him in jail a few years back. Rrraaaunchy!

Chris Brown
Breezy told his bromance buddy Bow Wow during a 106 & Park visit that he joined the mile high club in first class on a commercial flight to Europe. He didn’t name names but, we can think of a few…

Angelina Jolie & Billy Bob Thorton
They admitted to a red carpet correspondent at the 2006 MTV VMAs that they’d just gotten it in in the limo moments before stepping onto the red carpet. No telling what type of freaky stuff she’s into with Brad now..

Draya Michele
She says she’s had sex “everywhere,” with the craziest places being in a mall and in a movie theatre. Surprise, surprise.

Will Smith & Jada Pinkett
Jada admitted that she let Will give her the goods while on the set of her television series “Hawthorne.” They also admitted to getting it poppin’ at their friends’ houses and in the car on the side of the road. We’re surprised they only have two kids together and not more!

Trey Songz
He says he once got it in in the kitchen of a public resturant after hours while workers where shutting down shop. Sounds like he lives up to all that talk in his music.

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    Jay-Z & Beyonce
    Jay-Z told the world on his song “Glory” that he and his wifey Beyonce got it poppin’ in Paris to conceive Blue Ivy and he even said Bey woke up the next morning and did a photo shoot for her album. He never said where in Paris but….that baby-making sex? Always freaky stuff.

    Janet Jackson
    Janet confessed to Tyra Banks on her show that she’s also a member of the mile high club, with the craziest place she got it in being on a commercial flight. We’re jealous of whoever THAT guy was.

    Erica Mena & LHH Jumpoff Tiffany
    Erica Mena came clean on the season finale of LHH season 3 and told Rich Dollaz that she let his ex Tiffany sample her goodies in the back seat of a van. How classy.

    Eva Mendes
    She admitted to a crowd full of party-goers at a fashion event that she’s had sex in all 50 states, with her favorite states to bust it open in being Arizona and Colorado. Ryan Gosling is a lucky man indeed.

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