Ooh Na Na: Rihanna’s 7 Most Embarrassing Moments

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Rihanna’s Most Embarrassing Moments

Rihanna has no shame. Whatsoever. She still manages to come up on some moments that would make even her blush. Yes, Rihanna has been embarrassed! These moments have been embarrassing for Miss Ooh Na Na.


Getting Played By Breezy – It had to be embarrassing to see Chris Brown running around with Karr Bear behind her back.

Rihanna Red Hair Hoe

This Haircut – Rih Rih’s haircut was hard to watch.

chris and rhi

That Time Breezy Called Her A H*e – He rapped that everyone hit it and she still went back with him. Bad look, Rih Rih.

Rihanna and Chris Brown reunite once again in Weho, this time the couple took Brown's new Convertible Porsche for a spin and made a few stops. First they took care of some business at a local music studio and wrapped up the afternoon doing a little retail therapy at "Wild Style by Joyrich" store were Rihanna picked up a new bathing suit and a few shirts.

The Leaked Boobies- When her pictures in the buff emerged, she hadn’t yet embraced taking all of her clothes off for fun so it was a hard for her to deal with.


The Scuffle Over Her – Nothing makes you look like a slore than two guys fighting over chopping you down at the same time.


The 777 Flight –Rihanna took a bunch of journalists on a flight and they all trashed her for it and for being a drunk the whole time. The worst press she’s gotten.

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    Her Reality Show – Rihanna tried to get a reality show popping off and it was a disaster that she admitted to being embarrassed by.

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