Dissed: 10 Signs You’re Just A Side Piece

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10 Signs You’re A Side Piece

What’s worse than a side piece? Someone who doesn’t realize he or she is a side piece. This person goes around thinking love is in the air but all your dirty dog wants is your legs in the air. True story. We see it with our friends and celebrities alike. They just don’t know when they’re on the side. SMH. Help the children.

Stevie J Joseline Promise B Mae

They turn their phone off around you – Of course, because you don’t want to hear “will you be my wifey” blasting from his sidekick when the real boo calls.

the dream

They Never Answer Their Phones – The reverse applies…don’t want you calling around the boo and the kids.

monica lewinsky

No Dates – Digiorno and Netflix are part of the side piece starter kit.

Wu Tang Clan

You Haven’t Met The Homies – Self-explanatory. You don’t come around then yeah…no dice.


You Don’t Come Around The Crib – You don’t want to see the pics of the family around, do you? So the rendezvous happens at your place all the time.


They’re Not On Facebook – Harder to get caught up if you’re not on Facebook.

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    brandy ryan facebook

    Pictures Get Untagged – You try to tag your boo but those tweets and messages get deleted? Yup.

    Nicole Murphy treated her daughters Shayne and Bria to dinner at Crustacean in Beverly Hills. The fashionable trio had a fun time posing for pictures together as they were leaving the restaurant. The ex-wife to Eddie Murphy showed off her impressive physique in a black mini dress, leather jacket, peep-toed green zippered booties and a pair of shades.

    You Get Shade And You Don’t Know Why – When other women start mumbling about you and you have no clue where it came from, it may be because you’re breaking up a home and UOENO it.

    Actress Gabrielle Union, 39, and Savannah Brinson, girlfriends of basketball stars Dwyane Wade and Lebron James, at the beach in Miami Beach, FL. Gabrielle wore a white bikini with a cowboy hat as the friends spent Memorial Day on the beach.

    Lots Of Out Of Town Trips – Surefire way to not get caught? You’re always traveling. Always.


    Common Phrases – “Let’s keep this between us…” “I’m a private person…” beware!

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