Bitter Breezy: Chris Brown Goes In On Rihanna In New Song & Says All His Boys Told Him She Was A Slore

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Chris Brown Says Rihanna Slept With The Whole Industry In New Song

It’s always hard to tell whether Chris Brown and Rihanna’s roller-coaster relationship is actually over for good, but Breezy just might have put the nail in the coffin with his latest lash out.

DJ Khaled recently released few tracks of off his upcoming new album, and one of them is a song titled “I’m Still,” which features an angryy-bird-like Breezy airing out his life frustrations. However, there was also an unreleased version of the song that Chris wanted everybody to hear, so he made sure they did and put it out shortly after. In one line, he outwardly praises his ride-or-die sidekick Karrueche with these lyrics:

“P**sy a** ni**as, stop hatin. You ni**as mad cause you f**kin’ with them regular hoes and aint none better than my Asian.”

But then he goes on with some not-so-subtle shots at his ex bajan boo-thang. Hit the flip to check out those lyrics and hear the song in its’ entirety.

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