Black Ink Break Ups? Ceaser And Dutchess Air Each Other Out On Twitter

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Ceaser and Dutchess put each other on blast

Ceaser And Dutchess Of Black Ink Reality Show Argue On Twitter

If you’ve tuned in to the second season of VH1’s “Black Ink Crew” reality show that started airing a few weeks ago, then it’s not exactly news that the cast female front-runner Dutchess is usually at the center of any issue that pops up in the shop with the other cast members. However, things between Dutchess and her bossman boo-thang Ceaser, who owns the shop, seemed to be standing the test of time and beef…..until now.

Ceaser jumped on Twitter yesterday to air out his frustrations over Dutchess going through his phone…

..before hinting that things were over between the two of them and that Dutchess was no longer working at the shop..

Of course, Dutchess wasn’t going quietly after Cease called her a beyotch foreverybody to see. Peep her response next…

After Dutchess caught wind of Cease airing out their relationship drama, she took to her Twitter to put him on blast…

..and even agreed when one of her followers called Ceaser out for being publicly calling Dutchess out of her name, before also dropping hints that she might be rolling out on their relationship:

By the end of their brief e-beef, it sounded like these two were definitely headed for splitsville, but it didn’t end there..

Dutchess later deleted some of her tweets and replaced them with this message:

…which resulted in this reply from Ceaser:

SMH. Ducthess and Ceaser’s relationship definitely seems to be taking a toll on the Black Ink Crew…do you think they’ll stay together?

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