3 Fatherless Sons Confront Their Absentee Father On Iyanla Fix My Life: Pops’ Cry Is Classic! [Video]

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You know how a lot of our black fathers are… rolling stones! Isn’t that right, Bill Cosby and Jessie Jackson?

For the first time, 63-year-old John has come face-to-face with his three sons, who want to have an honest conversation about why he wasn’t there for them growing up and resolve the broken trust between them. As the conversation proceeds, John gets emotional, and Iyanla reminds him about the true purpose of the reunion. Watch what happens as the conversation continues.

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John, 63, spent decades making broken promises to his sons and disappearing from their lives for years at a time. Juba, his oldest, lives just minutes away from his two half brothers but has never met them because John only recently told them Juba existed. After Juba opens up to Iyanla about the pain of not growing up with a father, she develops an exercise to help him and John speak openly about their relationship. Watch as the emotional process unfolds.

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