Pull Out For What?? FDA Makes Cheaper Morning-After Pills Available To Women Of All Ages

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Plan B for everybody!

FDA Makes Cheaper Morning-After Pills Available To Women

Via NPR reports:

The Food and Drug Administration has decided to allow generic versions of the most popular form of emergency contraceptive pills to be sold over the counter, without age restrictions, after all.

Last July, after a decade-long battle and under court order, the FDA of Plan B One-Step, which can prevent most pregnancies if taken within 72 hours of unprotected sex for women who weigh .

But in approving the product for sale without prescription, the FDA also granted Teva Pharmaceuticals, the drug’s maker, an additional three years of because it conducted an additional market study on the product’s use by teenagers.

Women’s health groups who had campaigned hard to make the product more widely available were disappointed in that decision because Plan B One-Step is considerably more expensive than its generic competition — often by at least $10.

But now the FDA has reconsidered. In an to those generic competitors sent earlier this week, Kathleen Uhl, acting director of the FDA’s Office of Generic Drugs, wrote that Teva’s contention that competitors should not be allowed to sell their products over the counter without age restrictions “is too broad.”

In something of a compromise, the FDA now says the generic versions of the product must still say on their labels that they are intended for “women 17 years of age or older,” but they may be sold directly from retail shelves without a requirement to produce proof of age.

Women’s health groups were generally pleased with the action. “This is a significant leap forward in obtaining full, over-the-counter status for emergency contraception and we commend the FDA for this decision,” said Jessica Arons, president and CEO of the . “Everyone deserves a second chance to get it right, including the FDA.”

The current abortion rate in America is the lowest since the 70’s. This is a result of education and ease of availability of contraceptives. The EC decision by the FDA represents another step to further reduce the number of abortions. It is interesting to note that those who most oppose abortion oppose contraception. If people oppose planned parenthood, the other option is unplanned parenthood. Do you think this is a good idea?

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