Catch Fade: BBWLA Star Brandi Maxiell Says Sundy Carter’s 20-Year-Old Cougar Cub Attacked Her!

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Did Sundy‘s boyfriend put his hands on Brandi at the reunion?

Star Brandi Maxiell Says Sundy Carter’s 20-Year-Old Boyfriend Attacked Her

The ‘Basketball Wives LA’ Reunion special that aired earlier this week was filled with more drama than you could shake a stick at. Stars Sundy Carter and Brandi Maxiell beefed for most of the special until Brandi stood up and charged towards Sundy, causing people from the audience to add to the chaos too.

Brandi and Malaysia’s supporters hopped on the stage ready to catch fade in their honor, including Sundy’s college aged boyfriend who ran on stage to defend his granny girlfriend.

Jackie Christie talked about the fight with The Home of Hip Hop and said Sundy’s boyfriend attacked Brandi:

“It was a free-for-all. People were fighting, Sundy’s boyfriend grabbed Brandi up, you know, and told her ‘you’re not going to touch her.’ She was cursing at him; it was crazy. People were fighting, camera guys got hit by accident trying to film. It was an all out brawl pretty much.”

“It was just everybody, everywhere. Then all of a sudden, they made the whole audience get out and went ballistic, and was like, ‘everyone needs to leave – this is uncalled for, this is intolerable’. Shed Media, everybody, VH1, everybody was very on point in getting the audience out of there. It had become a very hostile situation pretty quickly, but I didn’t actually see any physical violence, I just seen that it was chaos. Things flying through the air and people screaming and all kinds of stuff. Yeah, it was straight chaos! I couldn’t believe it – I was so happy Chani [Chantel] decided not to attend because I would have been trying to protect my daughter, protect myself, help Sundy, you know, keep the peace, because that was my whole intent.”

Brandi took to her Twitter after the incident and confirmed the fight:

Another audience member confirmed the attack:

Well, you know what they say: “You are who you attract” and clearly Sundy is dating a trash bird just like herself!


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