On Blast: Instagram Account Busts Rappers And Athletes For Wearing Fake Watches

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Celebrities Caught With Fake Jewelry

You think all your favorite celebrities’ jewelry is 100% authentic? Think again. The Instagram page FakeWatchBusta has managed to uncover some of the worst fake watches you can imagine. Take a look and see which celebrities are trying to trick you with their struggle jewelry.


@wakaflockabsm with a fake #Hublot #BigBang. This is in the lower end of junk with bad sub dial spacing, bad date spacing and wrong config. I thought your watch game was 100% 😥


@itsgunplay with a f**** up Bumblebee🐝🔫 . He hangs out with @tvjohnny and @richforever, what else would you expect? 🙊 Cut on 8 is terrible. Sub dial config is wrong, date is shallow and wider ring at the hand base. #BUSTED 💩


@jodyhighroller a.k.a. RiFF RaFF with a puke worthy fake blinged out #Breitling Avenger Seawolf Chronograph. Just look at the attached comparison picture, bad spacings and wrong sub dial configuration. At least Alien in Spring Breakers would have had a real one 😂


@zabjudah with two fake AP’s and a fake #Rolex #DeepSea 😢 This guy is a former Undisputed World Welterweight Champion, and I almost feel sorry for his shady a** jeweler that I’m going to bust next. If these were sold as the real McCoy, I wouldn’t like to be on the receiving end of his punch 👊💥🙈

Rapper @reallilscrappy just posted this awful fake AP 👊 He hides in shame now 😂 #RappersWithFakeWatches

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    Rapper @future with the worst kind of fake #AudemarsPiguet #RoyalOak #Offshore. Sub dial configuration is wrong and the 8 is not even close to the real cut off ⌚️🔫 He can thank his girlfriend @ciara for getting busted 🙈 #RappersWithFakeWatches


    @sundycarter_ of Basketball Wives with a fake #Rolex TT #Submariner. Insert font is off, pearl is off, color is off, pretty junky fake! #LarryHughes, please buy her a real watch 😂


    @souljaboy is still running around with the worst fake #AP on the entire planet. @floydmayweather, please tell your dude to put it out of its misery! 🙊 By the way, @floydmayweather got an insane real watch collection


    @jimjonescapo with a fake #AudemarsPiguet #RoyalOak #Offshore. He gives a lot of shout outs to @othajeweler, so I have his source busted earlier also. Look how sad he is 😢 I think he has a feud with Jay-Z, I guess while Jay-Z were at the AP factory designing his real AP, Jim Jones was at @othajeweler getting this #BUSTED! 😫 #RappersWithFakeWatches


    @richforever alias #RICKROSS caught slippin’ with a fake #AudemarsPiguet #RoyalOak #Offshore watch in his own music video! That crap is thrown in your face in the first few seconds of his video Veterans Day. Sub dial spacing is just terrible on 7, 5 and 8 a.k.a. 100% garbage. I have seen a lot of his other watches which are real, but with a mix tape using the AP logo you better have your collection sorted out. #PATHETIC, NOT BO$$. #BUSTED! 😩 ”I think I’m Big Meech, look at my timepiece/It’s an Audemar, hundred racks at least.” – More like $20.


    When I busted @souljaboy I thought I had found the worst fake #AudemarsPiguet ever… Then @yogottikom shows up with this!!! 😂 Look at the date and the hands! 🙈 I bet #HewlettPackard printed his money. 🙊 #BUSTED 😩 #RappersWithFakeWatches

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