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If she’s telling the truth, dude ain’t isht!

Transsexual Woman Who Says Hank Baskett Cheated With Her Reveals Details

The transgender woman who claims to have hooked up with Hank Baskett during Kendra Wilkinson’s pregnancy is spilling all his secrets all over the place.

Via RadarOnline reports:

Just days before Hank Baskett and Kendra Wilkinson were set to celebrate their five-year anniversary on June 27, the couple’s marriage was rocked by’s exclusive report of claims he had hooked up with a transsexual.

Now, only Radar can reveal an exclusive interview with the transsexual mistress, Ava Sabrina London, who has come forward to tell her side of the story in light of the explosive reports about their shocking tryst.

According to London, the affair started just two months ago, when Baskett first made contact.

“I met Hank Baskett probably around the 22nd or 23rd of April this year,” London told The National ENQUIRER, which provided Radar exclusive access to its tell-all interview. “He contacted me through a video I had posted on YouTube and we exchanged information.”

“I gave him the address to my house, he came over,” she added. “I wasn’t expecting for him to come at the time he did, and I had just gotten out of the pool with my girlfriend.”

Dressed only in a bikini, London says she answered the door to find the Kendra On Top star dressed in basketball shorts, sandals and sunglasses.

But at first, London claimed, she had no idea that the man standing before her was a celebrity, and the former Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver took precautions to hide his true identity.

“Hank never identified himself by his real name. But he used, I believe it was Steve as his name,” she said.

Baskett certainly would have had his reasons for attempting anonymity. Not only has the father of two been married to the former Girl Next Door star Wilkinson since 2009, but unlike his wife, the woman he allegedly contacted was actually born a man.

“Hank absolutely knew that I was a transsexual and he told me that I was the only transsexual he’s ever been with,” London claimed. “He thought I was beautiful.”

In fact, it wasn’t long after their introduction, she said, that the couple became intimate behind closed doors.

And although Baskett allegedly seemed nervous, London said the 31-year-old was the first to take his clothes off.

“We quickly went to my bedroom where things got a little hot because he had already had taken off his clothes and he was erected,” she said of their first alleged encounter. “I started giving him a hand job and he was playing with my pe**s ‘cause he was laying down and I was like, you know, above him, so that’s when I realized who he was.”

Although she claimed the two did not have sexual intercourse, she said Baskett still was satisfied.

“He put my pe**s close to his face and that’s when he, you know, he came really quickly,” she alleged. “Hank and I gave each other hand jobs and he played with my breasts. And it didn’t really go that much further because he had already come.”

And, even more surprising, after the act Baskett casually took a shower in London’s bathroom to clean up, London claimed.

But their intimate meet-up wasn’t for free, according to London. The model alleges that Baskett enjoyed their fling so much, he gifted her about $500 for the 20-minute romp.

“I got up and he took a shower,” London said. “And he met my girlfriend after that, shook her hand and he left.”

Okay so technically he didn’t “sleep” with another woman, but still. If your hubby was exchanging handsies with a tranny while you were 8 months pregnant, would you stay with him?

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According to additional RadarOnline reports, London has already passed a polygraph test:

Ava Sabrina London, the video model who was born a man, voluntarily underwent a polygraph conducted by L.A.-based polygrapher Joseph Paolella on June 18.

After careful review, Paolella — a former Secret Service agent who has guarded four presidents — concluded there was “no indication of deception during the polygraph examination.”

The purpose of the test was to determine if London and Kendra Wilkinson’s husband engaged in mutual ma*****tion at her Sherman Oaks, Calif. condominium on April 21, just weeks before his daughter with Wilkinson, Alijah, was born.

According to the examination report, London participated in a pre-test interview stating that Baskett, who was kicked out of his marital home by his former Playboy Playmate wife last Friday, called her to make an appointment to have a sexual encounter, knowing that she was a transsexual.

London also said the former NFL star paid her roughly $400 at the time after their rendezvous and he made another appointment with her to meet. She also revealed the reality star husband agreed to pay her $2,000 to deny she ever met with him and he further offered her $5,000 to not talk publicly about their sexual encounter.

When asked if she ma******ted Baskett at her apartment during their first intimate introduction, London answered “yes.”

She also said “yes” when asked if the 31-year-old paid her up to $400 for the first sexual encounter.

London continued by ansering “yes” when asked if Wilkinson’s husband of five years paid her an additional $2,000 on a second visit to her apartment to deny she had ever met him and if he also offered to pay her $5,000 to not talk publicly about their encounters.

Each time, Paolella found “no indication of deception.”

SMH. But, those polygraph’s aren’t totally 100% accurate are they?

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