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Jessica Simpson

A more “plentiful” Jessica Simpson F-Listed

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Princess RiRi and her “Kitty Kat” attire Bossip Throwback


  • Raquel29

    Eww!! She’s starting to age like Pamela Anderson; and very quickly might I add.

    She looks horrible in this pic.

  • Think about it

    2nd!!! Never been this high up. My first impression is that she looks nice in this thicker mode. No glasses on, though. That smooths everything out.

  • Think about it

    They’re calling her ‘fat’ – meanwhile she probably weighs no more than 130. That’s why these Hollyweird folks, even the clearly fit and attractive ones, have such out of wack body images.

    Bossip, take this from an interactive/online, HAVE YOUR LINKS OPEN ON A SEPARATE TAB/WINDOW!!!

  • We "Blacks" Are The Real Hebrew Israelites

    She reminds me of Anna Nicole Smith right when she was at that still pretty but verging on getting too thick for Hollywierd phase.

  • DICooper

    She’s looks like an over stuffed sausage in this picture.

    My eyes!

  • palp

    this whole post is a z list edition

  • nubn


  • Tealeaf

    Looks like Joe Simpson in a wig wearing a recycled Dolly Parton outfit

  • Divine

    She has gained weight but she looks rather unhealthy. They lose wieght in such unhealthy ways, that their bodies gain so quickly to compensate. A healthly woman can gain weight, but she looks bad because she’s not healthy. It will take its toll on them later in life.

  • Scruff

    Damn this bitch tits is lookin right!!

  • Aunt Viv

    Sorry not a J. Simps fan. NEXT!

  • Christie's secrets (Barack is with michelle, so "who's gonna save my soul now?")

    she is almost as fat ! oops i mean thick as beyonce! I don’t know, white women cannot handle weight very well! they have to stay fit to look their best! maybe its just me!

  • Bran Bran

    Is that Kimora in disguise???

  • Divine

    @Bran Bran
    Kimora is preggers, so she supporting another life. Jessica is just out of shape.

  • Octavia

    Umm… she does not carry the extra weight well. I almost didn’t recognize her. She needs to get back to her Daisy Duke shape. STAT!

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