It’s Been a Great ’08…

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But, ladies and gentlemen…it is high time for ’09. Whether you are chilling with your boo(s), hanging with the fellas, kicking it with the girls, getting buck wild, or spending some quality quiet time on a solo tip, make sure you are safe and have a blast bringing in the new year tonight. From the entire staff here at Bossip to all of you, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

Sasha Sweet Cakes

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Beyonce in St. Barts

Beyonce put those jiggly backs on display while on vacay with Jay-Z in St. Barts yesterday:

Beyonce is taking full advantage, soaking up the sunshine on a yacht in a skimpy bikini. As well as showing off her incredible curves, she’s getting in some adrenaline action powering around on a Jet Ski. The singer is enjoying a romantic break on the Caribbean island with hubby JAY-Z.

We’ve got Sasha pickin’ a wedgie, the Beauty & The Beast gettin’ all lovy-dovy and so much more when you Continue »

Obamas Officially Move to DC This Weekend

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Obama's @ Honolulu Zoo

Starting this weekend, The Obamas will be calling DC their home:

The Obama family will move to Washington D.C. this weekend, according to the Barack Obama’s transition team.

“The president-elect will be here in Washington to continue work on an economic recovery plan,” the team announced.

He, his wife, Michelle, and their two daughters Malia and Sasha will stay at a Washington hotel through Jan. 15. From there, they will move into the Blair House, which is the president’s guest house and stands across the street from the White House. Inauguration events begin Jan. 20.

The transition team added: “[Obama] will also be here for the beginning of school.”

We know we speak on behalf of the entire DMV (DC, Maryland, and Virginia), when we say, “Welcome to Chocolate City, Obama and family.” We can all sleep soundly knowing that if the government ever slips, the community damn sure has the artillery to protect him.

Get a load of Barack, Sasha & Malia at the Honolulu Zoo after the break Continue »

Lil Kim Gets Out of Pocket with Biggie’s Mom and Faith

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In the upcoming Hip-Hop Weekly Two-Year Anniversary Issue, Lil Kim talks about putting Ms. Wallace on blast, and Faith responds about Kim’s portrayal in the new Notorious movie: Continue »

Pick on Someone Your Own Size

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Larry Fitzgerald and Angela Nazario

NFL player Larry Fitzgerald has allegedly jacked up his baby mama:

Larry Fitzgerald — the star wide receiver for the Arizona Cardinals — has been ordered to stay away from his baby mama and his 11-month-old son after he allegedly knocked her around a room and pulled her hair out. Continue »


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Hurrican Katrina Victims

Thousands of make-shift homes housing hurricane victims will be vacated next month, which means some folks will end up homeless:

The U.S. Federal Emergency Management Agency distributed the one-, two- and three-bedroom structures to temporarily house displaced victims of Hurricane Katrina in 2005. Continue »

Diddy is Shutting Down Hotels for Florida New Year’s Party

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Livesteez is reporting that Diddy is forcing the whole damn University of Cincinnati football team to vacate the hotel premises: Continue »

Mychal Bell of Jena 6 Tried to Off Himself

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Apparently, the Jena 6 cat, Mychal Bell, didn’t accidentally shoot himself, he was purposely trying to put himself in a casket: Continue »

…And Not to Be Outdone, Solange’s Sweet Cakes

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Solange Knowles

Solange and Beyonce must have been trying to outdo each other in a “best cakes” duel. We’re going to call it a draw, as in, they are both losers when it comes to backs.

More pics of Solange and her friend catching some much needed sun in Miami when you… Continue »

Murderous Goon Indicted

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William Balfour mugshot

William Balfour
is one step closer to spending the rest of his natural life in the pen:

The man accused of killing Jennifer Hudson’s mother, brother and nephew back on Oct. 24 has been formally indicted on murder and home invasion charges after appearing in Chicago court for a brief hearing this afternoon. Continue »

Mariah Carey is NOT With Child

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Mariah Carey, from what people can see, isn’t knocked up:

Mariah Carey is still not pregnant. The singer was spotted sipping red wine and eating oysters — no-nos when expecting — in St. Barts on Tuesday. Carey also showed off her bikini bod as she toasted wine with her husband Nick Cannon at hot spot Nikki Beach.

But kids could still be in the couple’s future. “I couldn’t imagine anybody that I’ve ever met being a better dad [than Cannon],” she said earlier this year.

After their surprise April wedding, Cannon’s half-brother told Us Cannon “definitely wants kids” with Carey.

We don’t believe this for one second. That thang is as knocked up as Nick is corny, which means she is extremely pregnant.


Queen Latifah Ganked in Tobago

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Queen Latifah

The Queen was out in Tobago for the holidays, and got ganked at her bad ass villa: Continue »

What is Wrong With This Crotch Shot??

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Now, we have heard about letting the cat out for some air, but this is taking it too far.  That cat’s gonna catch pneumonia out in the air soaking wet like that.  SMH

Bossipers, What is Wrong With This Picture?

Where’s Steadman?

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Oprah Winfrey and Gayle King

Oprah is spending a huge amount of cheddar for Obama’s inauguration, and of course, her ‘gal pal’ Gayle has been by her side every single step of the way:

Oprah is gearing up for Barack Obama’s inauguration and sparing no expense. An insider said, “Oprah is doing her show live from the Kennedy Center that week and flying her staff in for it. It’s going to be a huge production.” Winfrey is also hosting an exclusive inauguration-night party in Washington at an undisclosed location with her best friend, Gayle King. King has been by Winfrey’s side at all Obama events, leaving some to ask where her boyfriend, Stedman Graham, has been. “Why wasn’t he there with her election night?” a spy asked. “I mean, he does live in Chicago.”

Leave it to Oprah and her flair for extravaganzas. But as far as personal matters go, the writing is on the wall. The high yella gigolo Steadman & Gayle are some lucky muthas. Oprah’s one helluva sugar mama.


N.O.R.E Says Jay-Z Lied & Made Him Obese

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Nore says that Hova promised him the Roc-La-Familia Presidency and pulled out. Eventually Nore says he got depressed and packed on 300 pounds because of it: Continue »


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