May 29th 3:46pm

Shoeicide: Who Is Murdering The Celebrity Shoe Competition?

They either have incredibly great taste, or an incredibly talented stylist.

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May 29th 3:36pm

Making It Rain On Them Hoes: ‘The Hangover: Part II’ Breaks Box Office Record Despite So-So Reviews

The talk from movie people hasn’t been that great about the sequel to last year’s surprise comedy hit “The Hangover.”

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May 29th 3:06pm

Pure Comedy: Baller J.R. Smith Gets Popped In Miami For ___________

We really want these super-paid fools to be more careful with the law. Especially when they’re out of town.

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May 29th 2:25pm

Quote Of The Week: Eve On Lil’ Kim, “I Need Her To Stop”

Poor little Kimberly Jones. Is ANYONE other than her staff and twitter fans holding her down these days?

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May 29th 12:31pm

Chris Brown Gives Fan A Lap Dance And A Kiss At ‘Best Of The Best’ Miami

Chris Brown was spotted in Miami Saturday for the ‘Best Of The Best’ Memorial Day Weekend celebration where he took the stage to perform.

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May 29th 11:26am

Random Ridiculousness: Zimbabwe Man Jailed For Using President’s Toilet

Wow! This dude and his goons are trippin’ over in the Motherland.

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May 29th 11:07am

Sextra: Who Loves Gemini Lovin’?

Happy Holiday weekend, Bossip Fam!

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May 29th 11:03am

Hi Hater: Pakistani President Pervez Musharaff Is Poppin’ That Yang, Mad He Gets No Glory On Bin Laden Shooting

Now that the whole world pretty much believes the Pakistani government knew Osama bin Laden’s whereabouts the whole time he was at his harem/compound in Abbottabad, the country’s president is talking sh*t about our POTUS and making threats.

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May 29th 10:01am

What The Hell??? Atlanta Model Falls Ten Stories To Her Death Through W Hotel Window

The two women in this photo were “play fighting” in a room at the W Hotel Atlanta – Midtown. Somehow, their play fighting put them both through a thick hotel window.

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May 28th 2:50pm

Pill Talks New Movie, Maybach Music Album & Rates Rick Ross As A CEO

P-I-double-L in the building, gon and get ya roll on!!

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May 28th 2:28pm

Who Is My Stripper-Loving Rapper Son?

This old school player was spotted in the strip club next to his rapper son, who is well known for making it rain on them hoes. Can you guess who his kid is?

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