July 16th 8:28am

He’s Got Jokes

Posted by Bossip Staff Bow Wow attempts to clear the air about the rumors that he dissed Omarion on “Lookin’ Boy”: Bow Wow wants to know how a joke he made on his single turned into an Internet-wide rumor that he has a beef with his good friend Omarion. Well, he did make light of…

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July 16th 8:26am

Out of Sorts

Posted by Bossip Staff Zoe Saldana hit up the GameSpot HotSpot at Goa last night lookin’ rather sickly and worn out. This is becoming quite a habit for Ms. Saldana, but we’re sure it’s nothing a bucket of Popeye’s couldn’t cure. Additional GameSpot activities are coming right up.

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July 16th 8:25am

It Came Back to Haunt Her

Posted by Bossip Staff Here’s yet another reason folks should leave them rocks the hell alone: Natalie Cole has been diagnosed with Hepatitis C. The Grammy-winning singer, 58, discovered she had the disease during a routine visit to the doctor, but is responding well to treatment. “Natalie has had a terrific response to her medication…

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July 16th 8:12am

Last Night in LA……

Posted by Bossip Staff Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush attended the The Championship Gaming Series Kick-Off Party, while Knock-out victim Suge Knight and Tyrese, along with a lady friend, were spotted outside of Coco DeVille. Suge Knight, and more, can be found under the hood.

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July 16th 8:10am

A Suspect Confession

Posted by Bossip Staff Fruity Al opens up about his failed arrangement relationship with Star Jones. Click HERE to watch buddy boy talk about their controversial wedding, how he still loves Star, and more.

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July 16th 8:00am

Which One is Packin?

Posted by Bossip Staff Reggie Williams and Terrell Owens were spotted at the 2008 ESPY’s Giant event last night. Between these two burly NFL cats we gotta ask, Which One is (More) Packin?? Check out more pre ESPY pics on the flipside.

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July 15th 4:23pm

Over Exposure

Posted by Bossip Staff Here’s Rih Rih on the cover of yet another magazine. This girl gets more media play than a mutha. The alleged “Fashion Icon” was spotted shopping during a recent vacation in Milan huddled up with a peculiar looking entourage. More of Rih-Rih and her “crew” on the flipside

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July 15th 12:12pm

The Gentlemen’s Club

Posted by Bossip Staff Kanye West, Andre 3000 and SA-RA are featured in a new video for none other than Captain Down-Low himself, Fonzworth Bentley. Click here to view “Everybody” in it’s full humorous glory. We’ll take it easy on Kanye for now – but what the hell was that jack-hammer move he pulled towards…

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July 15th 11:11am

Workin’ Up a Sweat

Posted by Bossip Staff Chris Brown and Mary J. Blige performed at the 3rd Annual THISDAY Africa is Rising concert. Do our eyes deceive us, or is C Breezy developing mini love handles? More pics, including Mary J on stage are just below. More Africa Rising imagery is happening on the flipside.

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July 15th 11:00am

Baduizms: Her Royal “Queendom”???

Posted by Bossip Staff Peep Erykah Badu in the newest cover of Veg News magazine. Also in the realm of Baduizms, Erykah blasts “haters” for criticizing her 3rd pregnancy by yet another dude: “How dare you disrespect the queendom … and my children and my intelligence. I’ve never been so disgusted in all of my…

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July 15th 10:58am

Beating the Odds

Posted by Bossip Staff This cat is lucky to be where he is today. Terrance Howard’s career was nearly destroyed before it even took off. Click HERE to find out what major Back celeb “blacklisted” buddy boy and nearly ended all chances of him making it as an actor.

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July 15th 10:56am

Pretty Ricky’s New Jawn

Posted by Bossip Staff Check out Pretty Ricky’s somewhat suspect display of manhood in their new video premiere of “Knockin’ Boots ’08.” Their album “80’s Babies” is set to drop in September.

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July 15th 10:56am

Timeless Beauty

Posted by Bossip Staff Mary J Blige graces the cover of Vegas magazine. Here’s a taste of the interview: Mary J. Blige has a certain distaste for this country’s favorite pastime, American Idol. But she won’t admit it outright. “I haven’t really watched it since Ruben [Studdard] won,” the singer [says] But whether she likes…

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July 15th 10:55am

TI Settles the Score

Posted by Bossip Staff While in concert T.I. responds to Bugsy dissing him in G-Unit’s track, “You So Tough.” Click HERE for the barely audible reply, where you may be able to pick up a few key phrases directed towards No Cent.

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July 15th 10:50am

Rocsi’s on the Outs

Posted by Bossip Staff After storming off the set on Friday, rumors are flying all around the web regarding Rocsi’s mysterious absence from yesterday’s episode of 106 & Park. Word is she has been suspended indefinitely, and Terrance could be on his way out too. Keri Hilson stood in for ole girl yesterday and received…

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