November 7th 5:02pm

Balfour May Be Released Monday

Posted by Bossip Staff The one and only murder suspect for the JHud case, William Balfour, may be released on Monday: Balfour, who’s only being held on a parole violation in a case unrelated to the murders, could “conceivably” skate if there’s not enough evidence to prove he did violate his parole. He’s scheduled to…

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November 7th 1:50pm

Who Looked More Bangin’???

Posted by Bossip Staff A slew of stars hit up the 2008 MTV Europe Music Awards in Liverpool, England. Our girl, Beyonce, was there along with the alleged victim of a Bey song ganking, Leona Lewis. The song is gone, we all know that, but there might be a way for Leona to even the…

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November 7th 1:49pm

Random Ridiculousness

Posted by Bossip Staff Meet “Super Pear”. SMH. Someone tell ol’ girl all those chitlins hanging off her body are not cute. Now that Obama will be the next President, it’s time for a war against obesity. This is a damn shame. This mess is just as bad as kids thinking it’s cool to want…

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November 7th 9:46am

Julia Hudson: Now That Jason’s Gone, I’m The “Prettiest One”

Posted by Bossip Staff This is a picture taken from Julia Hudson’s Myspace. Jason was her brother that was killed only two weeks ago. Just a little suspect. You have to remember Julia Hudson was checking out her Myspace right after the murders. Julia has taken down pictures of her thug and alleged killer boyfriend,…

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November 7th 8:50am

Bossip Certified Links

Posted by Bossip Staff Some Afternoon Brazilian Booty F-Listed Britney’s Still Kinda Crazy Celebslam Gisele Does Brazilian Vogue Lossip Janet Cancels Rock Witchu Tour Livesteez Samuel L. Jackson is Having a Hard Time Promoting ‘Soul Men’ Cele|Bitchy Eliot Spitzer is Off the Hook Hollyscoop Lindsay Lohan is a Hooker The Blemish Does This Woman Ever…

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November 7th 8:49am

Rihanna Faints on Stage During Concert in Australia

Posted by Bossip Staff You can see RiRi clutching her gut throughout the first part of the video, then at the 33 second mark in your right hand corner, you can see her stumbling into the arms of her staff. She was rushed backstage and taken to the hospital. Chris finished the song and rushed…

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November 7th 8:47am

Some Friday Afternoon Preciousness

Posted by Bossip Staff Awww….look at little Baby Nahla being lugged around by her mommy after a hard day’s work on the set of her latest project, “Frankie and Alice.” Don’t you just wanna run up and kiss those little rosy, swirly cheeks a thousand times? So precious. More love and affection for you below.

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November 7th 8:46am

The Reverend Speaks On Obama’s Integrity

Posted by Bossip Staff Rev. Jeremiah Wright speaks on the media’s tactics in a report by Livesteez: Wright will be speaking at Northwestern University tonight, delivering a “State of the Black Union” address as part of the university’s Diversity Week program. The address, titled “Redeeming & Reclaiming our Community” is at 7 p.m. at Cahn…

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November 7th 8:45am

R. Kelly’s Nephew Shot During Robbery

Posted by Bossip Staff Last night, R. Kelly’s nephew was shot twice during an attempted robbery: The teenage nephew of musician R. Kelly was shot in what police say was a robbery attempt in Calumet City. The boy’s father said that the boy was shot twice and is currently being treated at Christ Hospital. Calumet…

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November 7th 7:55am

Kanye’s “Heartless” Video

Posted by Bossip Staff We don’t think Yay will be too upset with himself over this video being broadcasted. This Cool World-esque cartoon is actually clean. Are you Bossipers feeling Kanye’s new vocoded out steez???

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November 7th 7:45am

“Black” Hates Blacks

Posted by Bossip Staff This schmuck, Buck “Black” Burnette, was booted from the Texas Longhorns football team for these racial slurs on his Facebook page: All the hunters gather up, we have a n****r in the whitehouse”. He has apologized but not because he feels any differently. This is a new day, and sh*t like…

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November 7th 6:00am

Caught Creepin’

Posted by Bossip Staff What you see here is a picture of that little ninja turtle, Jermaine Dupri, and a young lady, to be named at a later date, out and about in the mean streets of DC. Something tells us this is more than just a friend…perhaps it’s the shot below of her trying…

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November 7th 5:59am

The Set Up For Success

Posted by Bossip Staff President Obama has selected Rahm “Rahmbo” Emanuel to be his Chief of Staff: Rep. Rahm Emanuel accepted Barack Obama’s offer to become his chief of staff yesterday in a move that’s sure to bring a sharp edge the White House. Over the last 15 years, the hot-tempered Chicago congressman has been…

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November 7th 5:46am

When The Checks Stop Coming In

Posted by Bossip Staff Yep, that’s Amil, the artist who used to be Jay-Z’s play thing, and the images you see appear to be Glamour Shots from her MySpace page. The good hair and “I got Indian in my family” look probably did wonders for her stacks back then, but I think it is safe…

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November 7th 4:45am

Rock Teeth Ross

Posted by Bossip Staff Now we see why he mean mugs all the d@mn time. Rick Ross was partying it up at the launch party for his social networking site, new clothing line ‘Luxury Tax,’ and his new record label, Maybach Music Group. Check out DJ Khaled, the Biggest Boss, and his mom-dukes in the…

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