May 29th 7:43am

Guess Whose Cakes Are Back?

J-Lo is seen here with her daughter, Emme, 16 months, on the Los Angeles set of her latest movie, The Back-Up Plan. Her cakes are getting a little more Rican plump like. Marc Anthony must be hitting that right.

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May 29th 7:41am

Jay Z Shows LeBron Love at the Cav Game

Hov and his baby naps were seated court side at last night’s Cav/Magic game. He was hangin’ with his new BFF Alex Rodriguez. Bey was obviously back in Europe doing her tour so she wasn’t at the game as usual with her ratty lace front and tranny steeze. Pop the hood for more game pics

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May 29th 7:39am

Timbaland Shuts it Down for the Single Ladies

Just in case any of you single ladies out there weren’t sure if Timbaland had actually married his publicist Monique Idlett last year, pop the hood for proof of his gargantuan wedding band

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May 29th 7:38am

CiCi Hustles Her KFC Coupons

We don’t know how real this is but if it is true CiCi is hurting bad for record sales. We already said Fantasy Ride wasn’t going to move but this takes things to a whole new level.

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May 29th 7:37am

Tone Loc’s Falling Apart

This is what happens when you start gettin’ old. Your body starts to break down and before you know it, you’re laid out on a stretcher and on your way to ER. Tone Loc needs to slow his roll. Sometimes Tone Loc is too hot for his own good — ’cause that’s exactly what the…

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May 29th 7:36am

Where Did Trina Get Her Nastiness from You Ask???

We knew Trina was ghetto but damn. Ole girl had to pay her dues somehow. By dues, we mean getting freaked on stage while wild @ss dudes watch her drop it, back it up and shove it in their faces. Is this what they mean by grinding in the industry? Click Here To Watch

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May 29th 7:35am

Which One Would You Hit?

Here’s the old school hip hop edition of Who Would You Hit? LL’s still keepin’ it poppin’ with his freshly glossed lips while Diddy looks like that preppy kid in college who couldn’t find game if he tried. Pop the hood for more classic hip hop head steeze

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May 29th 7:34am

Eminem and Bugsy On Wax Together?

Em and Bugsy together on one album would both revive hip hop and start some serious beef. Both of these rappers are known for going hard at their competition. Before they release this album, the record label would need to set aside a couple million in lawyer fees and security detail. Recently on BET’s “106…

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May 29th 7:33am

Who Looked More Bangin’?

Toni Braxton looks a little out of place in her paisley pink picnic table dress while Claudia Jordan steps out in a toga-inspired number with purple peep-toe heels. We have our eyes on Claudia for this one. But its your call Bossip readers. Pop the lid for more party pics including old school banger Sheila…

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May 29th 7:30am

Coon of The Day: C-Murder Shooting Footage Circa 2001

C-Murder is seen in the video above back in 2001 shooting up a club because they wouldn’t let him enter without searching him for the gun he obviously had on him.  Thank God his stupidity will be off the streets for some time. SMH@ignorance. Click Here to Watch

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May 29th 7:20am

Secret Service Drag Away Reporter By Hand and Foot

A lady that wanted to give the President a letter was handled yesterday by the Secret Service. They say she acted a fool when being asked to” baack back”: A reporter for a small newspaper was forcibly removed from a press area near Air Force One shortly before President Barack Obama arrived at Los Angeles…

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May 28th 8:15am

Breezy’s Back at it Again

Damn Breezy, if you’re not goin’ upside RiRi’s head, then you’re tossin’ up paparazzi. Looks like someone else is suing you for gettin’ physical. Pop the hood for more

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May 28th 8:12am

She Said: Can Open Relationships Work?

Menage-a-trois are every man’s dream but the reality is probably a nightmare. Ladies, would you be down to add a third and make your duo a trio? Pop the hood for more

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May 28th 8:10am

*Exclusive* Electrik Red: “Not Corny Like the Spice Girls”

Bossip recently caught up with new girl group Electrik Red to discuss their new album and why the Dream thinks that “these b*tches are crazy!” Bossip: If any one of you were to get caught up in some crazy story (that would surely end up on Bossip), which one of you would it be? Electrik…

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May 28th 8:08am

Mike Vick Has it Bad on House Arrest…Wrong, He is Living it Up

Michael Vick is living the life in his mansion overlooking the lake with his baby moms and kids. Pop the hood for the house arrest pics

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