November 2nd 9:45am

New Video: “Have a Baby by Me Baby and Be a Millionaire”… 50 Cent, Ne-Yo and Kelly Rowland

Ol’ Bugsy has finally released his video Baby by Me and we have to say, the chemistry between him and Kelly is a little too real. Ciara… watch out, it looks like Kelly got yo man girl!!! Pop it for a Peek

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November 2nd 9:40am

Jermaine Dupri… Is Your Daughter Taller than You???

Jermaine Dupri showed up at Monica’s sons’, Lil Rocko and Romelo, birthday party with his daughter. JD’s daughter looks like she will be taller than him by next week. Monica did it big for her sons at Red Carpet Lanes. Pop it for more Pics

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November 2nd 9:30am

Recession Blues: Whitney Houston’s $5.6 Million Dollar NJ Mansion is Up for Sale

Looks like Whitney’s million dollar bills have worn out because her million dollar New Jersey Mansion is up for sale and it’s on the market for less than half of what she paid for it.  Flip it for the Details

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November 2nd 9:25am

Serena Serves Up Backs & Books In London

Serena Williams was serving up autographs for her new book over the weekend in London. Serena and Venus played a match against each other in Europe where Serena claimed victory over Venus and won the Sony Ericsson Cup. Pop the top and peep more

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November 2nd 9:20am

Celebs’ Costumes Get a Little Scary for Halloween

Celebs got a little scary and somewhat creepy for Halloween. Latoya made her way over to Millions of Milkshakes with MJ, Steph Jones dressed up as _________, and Slim Thug is “The Camel” … Just a little creepy.Bey Bey even dressed up for the occasion… Pop it to See Bey Bey & more Celebs Get…

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November 2nd 9:15am

Jon Gosselin is Choppin’ Down Octomom for a New Reality Show…

The producer of the show Cheaters, is shopping around a tv show that involves Jon Gosselin hooking up with Octomom…. GROSS!!! They each would receive  $1 Million if they agreed to come aboard, but from the looks of it … Jon is not having any part of this random ridiculousness. Details Under the Hood

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November 2nd 9:00am

Look Who Showed Up to the Precious Movie Premiere

Monique must have settled her differences with Ol Harpo and Tyler because she finally walked her a** down a red carpet for her upcoming movie “Precious.”  Flip the hood to see more pics of Tyler, Oprah, Nick and Mariah.

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November 2nd 8:40am

Out of Pocket: Joe Jackson says MJ is Worth More Dead

Joe Jackson recently said his son is worth more dead than he is alive.  Damn, true or not, this statement is unacceptable. Flip the hood for more. 

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November 2nd 8:10am

Random Ridiculousness: Drunk Driver Calls 911 on Herself

A Wisconsin woman was driving while faded, so she decided to call 911: Mary Strey, 49, of Granton was driving home from the bar around 11:28 p.m. on Saturday night when she called 911 to report a drunk driver. When the dispatcher asked Strey if she was following the drunk driver, she told police she…

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November 2nd 8:00am

Who Is This Little Swirled Whipper-Snapper??

Someone and his brother were spotted at the Petting Zoo with birds in hand. Their mother is sort of a banger and wanted little light-skinned babies with afros her whole life. Pop the Top & Peep Mommy in action with “Jax”

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November 1st 10:47am

New Rihanna Leakage “Wait Your Turn”

The anticipation of Breezy and Rihanna’s albums is ridiculous…a new RiRi joint was just leaked… Pop the top and listen to Rihanna’s song “Wait Your Turn”

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November 1st 10:46am

When The Checks Stop Coming in: “I Made Over $300 Million and Now I’m Broke”

This may be the worst when the checks stop coming in ever.

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November 1st 9:32am

Coupled Up: Angels, Whores, Pimps….Oh My!!!

Mariah Carey and Nick “Soft as Dannon” Cannon hosted a Halloween bash last night in NYC dressed as the sweet and innocent little couple they are. Ice-T and his ho wife Coco were in the building as well, and Coco was dressed up as…well you already know! More pics on the flippy…

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November 1st 9:25am

The Beanie Sigel Call That Goes in on Jay-Z, Dame Dash, and the Whole Roc Operation…Says He Respects 50 Cent and How He Took Care of G-Unit

Beanie Sigel called in to Charlamange the God’s radio show on Friday and poured his heart out. He said The Roc was a sham that robbed its artists blind, Dame was fired from Roc for spending money and being too flashy, and Camel disowned the whole crew to kick it with Jews… SMH. Pop the…

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November 1st 9:20am

What is Wrong With This Picture????

A white Dallas Cowboys cheerleader decided to dress up as a black person for Halloween, and now it’s all over the net. Are y’all offended?? It’s Halloween for goodness sake? Flip the script for more pics….

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