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Where Are They Now?: The Cast Of Friday [Photos]

ice cube chris tucker friday

I Saw The Light: Celebs Who Left The Industry Behind For Jesus


They used to put out raunchy music and play some interesting characters on TV, but the faith of these celebs made them walk away from all that.

“Mama, I Smoked The TV!”: Actors Who Played Convincing Drug Addicts On The Big Screen


These stars had to reach deep inside themselves and take a walk on the dark side to play a part most weren’t familiar with at all — a drug addict.

Pay Yo Bills: Chris Tucker Owes Uncle Sam $12 Million In Back Taxes

“Playin’ with my money, is like playin’ with my emotions…” Continue »

Chris Tucker, Ice Cube Reportedly In Talks For Another Friday Movie

Tiny Lister, the actor who plays Debo in the “Friday” movies gave an exclusive to TMZ and says that that he’s been in discussions about doing one more installment to the cult classic film that originally starred Chris Tucker alongside Ice Cube. Continue »

Oakland Bossip Fam! Win Tickets to See Chris Tucker Live

For the past couple of months we’ve given away tickets to Chris Tucker’s shows in New Orleans, Kansas City,  Miami, & San Diego. This week readers in Oakland will get their shot! Continue »

Chris Tucker Is Hilarious In This Lopez Tonight Interview (Must Not Be Scripted) [Video]

Chris Tucker Is Hilarious In This Lopez Tonight Interview (Must Not Be Scripted) [Video] Continue »


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