Gallery Of Underage Celebrities Acting Badly

Where Are Your Parents: The Most Inappropriate Pics Of Underage Celebrities

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The Most Inappropriate Pics Of Underage Celebrities

Some celebrities are too young to turn up. That doesn’t mean they don’t try it. These famous kids were doing all sorts of insanity before they were even legal. Let’s take a look at their actions and find out where their parents were.

Kylie Jenner – She was on Instagram getting felt up on by guys like Chris Brown and Trey Songz.

Yup…more pictures of the shenanigans.

Willow Smith – She got in trouble for posing in a bed with a 20-year old. Even her parents came under fire for it.

Justin Bieber – He was caught saying some pretty racist stuff and had to apologize for it.

Boosie’s Daughter – Video of her cursing and celebrating Boosie’s freedom hit Instagram and even he was ashamed of it.

Terio – What’s he doing hosting parties and stuff? At least we’re helping him get in shape, right?

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Kylie Jenner – She was on the Kardashian show doing pole dances before she was even a teenager. Yikes.

Drew Barrymore – She’s notorious for pics of her drinking at the age of nine.

Miley Cyrus – Remember those racy pics she sent on her phone when she was just 15? We knew then.

Lindsay Lohan – She was always getting turned up before she was legal.

Michael Jackson – There are definitely pics of MJ at Studio 54 doing way too much way too early.


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